What is a demilitarized zone in Warzone 2.0?

Prepare for an electrifying experience as Warzone 2.0 unveils an epic update, bringing a pristine battle royale map and an innovative game mode inspired by the thrilling world of Escape from Tarkov.

Introducing DMZ, a mode that immerses players in a heart-pounding extraction-style adventure like never before. Step into the sprawling urban landscape of Al Mazrah, where you’ll find yourself with unprecedented freedom to embark on faction-specific missions, engage in intense skirmishes with rival Operators and AI adversaries, and even take on captivating side objectives. As you navigate the city’s treacherous streets, keep your eyes peeled for valuable loot that could turn the tide of battle, all while striving to survive until the moment of exfiltration.

Warzone 2.0 DMZ – Factions, contracts, and looting explained

Gone are the days of predictable aerial insertions. In DMZ, you’ll be dropped into the action at random points across the map, ensuring an ever-changing landscape where each player’s journey is unique.

While DMZ thrives on the synergy of a dedicated three-person squad, fearless solo players and dynamic duos can also dive into the adrenaline-fueled chaos. So, buckle up and get ready to uncover all the exhilarating details and intricacies of this groundbreaking new mode. Your next adventure awaits!

Prepare to immerse yourself in the diverse world of DMZ, where five captivating factions await your allegiance: the Legion, White Lotus, Black Mous, Crown, and Phalanx. As an Operator, your ultimate objective revolves around completing missions bestowed upon you by these formidable factions.

With each match, you have the opportunity to handpick missions from these factions, handcrafting your own destiny within the DMZ. The beauty of this system lies in its flexibility—you have the freedom to choose missions that resonate with your playstyle and tackle them at your own pace. Whether you prefer the adrenaline-fueled challenges of the Legion, the enigmatic pursuits of the White Lotus, the clandestine world of Black Mous, the royal connections of the Crown, or the cutting-edge mysteries surrounding Phalanx, the choice is yours to make.


The Legion, a private military contractor shrouded in conflicting reports regarding its connections to powerful entities in the Western world, stands as the inaugural faction from which an Operator can undertake missions. Eager to establish their presence and make a mark in the global conflict, the Legion offers job opportunities to Operators seeking to carve out their path in this tumultuous landscape.

White Lotus

Once you prove your mettle by accomplishing a series of missions for the Legion, you will unlock valuable insights into DMZ’s second faction, a force fiercely vying to restore their silent dominion over the region.

By aiding the White Lotus, you have the potential to play a crucial role in their quest to reclaim their original operations base, thereby reestablishing the control and influence they once held over the DMZ. Together, you may embark on a journey that leads to the resurgence of their power and the restoration of their rightful place within this dynamic battleground.

Black Mous

Once you’ve proven your worth by successfully completing missions for both the Legion and White Lotus, a whole new world opens up as you unlock the mysterious third faction. These operatives understand the true power that lies within knowledge.

Their missions delve into the thrilling realms of espionage and cyberwarfare, where every piece of information becomes a precious commodity. Armed with the advanced technology found within the DMZ, they embark on daring operations, using their skills to gather intelligence and gain a strategic edge. They operate in the shadows, relying on their expertise to navigate the complex web of secrets and stay ahead of their adversaries.

For these operatives, it’s not just about completing missions—it’s about outsmarting the competition, uncovering hidden truths, and seizing every opportunity to gain an upper hand. They understand that in this ever-evolving conflict, staying informed and utilizing state-of-the-art resources can make all the difference. So, gear up and join their ranks as you dive headfirst into a world where knowledge truly is power.


The Crown faction, introduced in Season 2, maintains a strong connection to the United Kingdom, adding a touch of regal flair to the DMZ.

To embark on missions for the Crown faction and experience their unique storyline, players will need to own Modern Warfare 2. This prerequisite unlocks a whole new dimension of gameplay opportunities, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of royalty and intrigue within the DMZ. So, don your virtual crown and prepare to take on challenges fit for a monarch.


Introducing the latest addition to the roster, the Phalanx faction emerges as the final faction in the ongoing Season 4 of DMZ. Their arrival brings fresh excitement and a connection to the new Warzone 2 map, Vondel.

It appears that the Phalanx faction and Black Mous will join forces on collaborative missions, united in their quest to uncover the secrets surrounding a looming threat within the enigmatic Vondel. As these two factions combine their expertise and resources, they strive to delve deeper into the mysteries that lie within this uncharted territory.

Prepare yourself for an alliance that promises thrilling adventures and unexpected twists as Phalanx and Black Mous work hand in hand to confront the unknown and safeguard the DMZ from emerging dangers.

Contracts, world activities, and assimilation

In addition to the exhilarating faction missions, you’ll also have access to an array of contracts and engaging world activities within the immersive world of DMZ. These contracts provide an exciting avenue to earn rewards, including valuable cash, just like in the regular battle royale mode.

However, it’s important to note that DMZ contracts offer a unique twist compared to their battle royale counterparts. As you navigate the map, you’ll encounter distinct contract icons that signify specific tasks and challenges awaiting your attention. Each contract holds its own story, its own purpose, adding a layer of depth and immersion to your gameplay experience within the DMZ.

These contracts are more than just a means to earn rewards; they serve as gateways to thrilling adventures and unexpected encounters. Whether it’s rescuing hostages, gathering intel, or engaging in daring missions, each contract presents an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the volatile landscape of the DMZ.

So, venture forth, Operator, and embrace the dynamic world of contracts and world activities, where every decision you make and every contract you pursue brings you one step closer to victory and the realization of your personal objectives within the DMZ.

  • Secure Intel / Geiger Search (Magnifying Glass): Engage in a thrilling quest to retrieve valuable intel stored on hard drives. Once acquired, make your way to the nearest radio tower to upload the crucial data. Alternatively, you may be tasked with locating Uranium rods using a Geiger Counter, adding an extra layer of intrigue to your mission.
  • Elimination (Crosshair): Assume the role of a skilled assassin as you track down and eliminate an AI target, guarded by multiple adversaries. Your objective is to confirm their demise, ensuring the elimination of a significant threat.
  • Hostage (Handcuffs): Step into the shoes of a heroic rescuer as you infiltrate a locked building to free a hostage held captive within. Once liberated, carry them to safety at the nearest helicopter exfil location, demonstrating your unwavering commitment to protecting innocent lives.
  • Cargo Delivery / Shipment (Briefcase): Embark on a thrilling quest that involves locating a vehicle or boat carrying precious cargo. Your mission is to safely transport the valuable goods to a designated drop-off point. And here’s the exciting part – depending on the specific contract, you may even keep the vehicle for yourself after completing the successful delivery!
  • Hunt (Skull): Embrace the role of a relentless hunter as you target an enemy Operator team marked as high-value targets (HVTs). These foes have proven their significance within the DMZ match, making their elimination all the more crucial for your success.
  • Destroy Supplies (Bomb): Take on the task of locating and destroying two supply sites by strategically planting and detonating bombs. Through your actions, you will disrupt the enemy’s logistical operations, dealing a significant blow to their resources.

How looting works

Looting within the DMZ presents a more complex experience than Warzone 2.0’s battle royale mode. To effectively manage your inventory, you’ll rely on a spacious Backpack capable of storing weapons, equipment, and valuable items. The careful selection of items becomes crucial, as limited storage capacity demands strategic decision-making. Your choices directly impact your survival and success in this dynamic battleground. Prepare to navigate the challenges of the DMZ by mastering the art of inventory management and assembling a curated arsenal to maximize your chances of victory.

In DMZ, you can carry the following items in a loadout:

  • Two weapons with their maximum amount of ammo
  • Two equipment pieces
  • A field upgrade and killstreak
  • Armor plates and gas mask

In the DMZ, the Backpack plays a crucial role as the storage for items beyond your loadout capacity. Any items you pick up exceeding your loadout limit automatically go into the Backpack. If you come across items in other Operators’ Backpacks, you’ll need to select individual items to transfer to your own pack.

Extracted items like cash, weapons, and more are kept in the Storage, accessible in the pre-match lobby between matches.

However, the stakes are high with only one life in the DMZ. Death results in losing all non-permanent items in your Backpack. While squadmates can revive you, the risk of losing earned items remains.

Insured weapons provide a safety net. Starting with one insured weapon slot, you can earn additional slots by leveling up with factions. Insured weapons are retained even if you die without extraction.

Make strategic choices about storage, manage risks, and secure your most valuable weapons. Navigate the DMZ cautiously, as success hinges on wise decision-making in this unforgiving environment.

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