Everything we know about Project L, Riot’s fighting game

Project L is Riot Games’ upcoming fighting game based on the League of Legends universe. Project L will feature a duo play system and appear EVO 2023. With EVO 2023 is right around the corner, Riot Games has released a new dev diary and some cool new additions.

While Riot hasn’t shared the full list of playable characters yet, the confirmed roster features the following: Ahri, Darius, Ekko, Jinx, Katarina, and Illaoi.

According to the studio’s latest update, more details are still on the horizon. Most notably, a new character and a playable demo will soon take center stage. Here’s what we know so far about Project L.

When is Project L coming out?

As of right now, there’s no official info when Project L will be released.

Riot’s last official update was on December 6, which discussed gameplay mechanics and the new Tag system.

What kind of fighting game is Project L?

Project L is a 2D fighter, with 2v2 combat as each player takes control of a pair of LoL’s characters. It’s a three button fighter (meaning there will be a light, medium, and heavy attack button), and special move inputs with simple direction commands rather than traditional fighting game inputs. If you’ve played the Smash Brothers series, it’ll be similar to that series’ smash attacks. Both characters on a team must be KO’d to win.

The game has Duo Play that allows for two individual players to take control of one character each on a team. You can also use the fuse system to alter the interaction with your assist character, allow for additional assist attacks, better assist supers, and so on.

The game has lots of defensive options, many of which have not been demonstrated yet. One of them is a retreating guard, which seems to allow you to cancel backdashes into a guard. Also, as a tag fighter, there are numerous tag mechanics which were shown off in the Project LJanuary 2023 dev diary.

In terms of close comparisons, the game looks to have the fast pacing and a flexible tag mechanic that harkens back to titles such as Marvel vs Capcom or Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Project L is also free-to-play! Announced in the August 2022 dev diary, the game will have no cost of entry like all the other Riot Games products.