Warzone Guide: Acquiring and Utilizing the Ray Gun

If you’re seeking to acquire a formidable weapon early on in a Resurgence match on the Fortune’s Keep map, it’s essential to understand the process of obtaining and utilizing the Ray Gun in Warzone.

For those unfamiliar, the Ray Gun is a potent wonder weapon that has been featured in various game modes within the Call of Duty franchise for many years. It has recently been introduced to Warzone as an easter egg in the Season 2 update, which reintroduced the intricate Fortune’s Keep map within the Resurgence game mode.

Even within Warzone, the Ray Gun is an exceptionally powerful weapon capable of swiftly eliminating players with a single shot. It can dispatch adversaries with full health and three armor plates in just two shots.

How to get and use Ray Gun in Warzone

To acquire the Ray Gun in Warzone, players must solve an easter egg within the Fortune’s Keep map. This involves locating a hidden area accessible from the Graveyard and Ground Zero POIs.

Begin by joining a Solo, Duo, Trio, or Quads Fortune’s Keep Resurgence mode. Once in the match, head to the Ground Zero POI and descend into the central crater. Inside the crater, a damaged wall will lead you to a laboratory on the right side. Proceed through the lab, following the right-hand hallway until you reach a door on the left.

Upon opening the door, you’ll notice arrows positioned on the wall, indicating the directions to the subsequent destinations:

  1. Loading Bay
  2. Production
  3. Laboratory
  4. Server Room
  5. Utility Room

Enter the left pathway, leading to Loading Bay and Production. Upon entering the first room, search on the right side for a concealed chamber near Sec B. Inside the chamber, you’ll find crates floating in electrified water. Your objective is to locate and deactivate three switches to make the water safe to swim in.

Once the switches are off, approach the first crate near the stairs, turn off the initial switch, and dive underwater. Follow the path until you reach a room with the Ray Gun on a table. If the Ray Gun hasn’t been taken by another player, it will be there for you to claim. Approach it and use the interact button to equip the weapon. From that point on, you can use it like any other weapon in the game.

This concludes our guide on obtaining and using the Ray Gun in Warzone.

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