Call Of Duty Mobile Season 2 2024: Essential Information

New weapons and new in-game events are what you can expect in the second season of Call of Duty: Mobile this year. Following the theme of Chinese New Year, the game will introduce several new types of weapons, operators, and game modes.

Who doesn’t love freebies, especially when they are included in the battle pass? With the new update, the developers have included the new Type 19 assault rifle (inspired by the Chinese QBZ-03 assault rifle) and the Jet Boost class for Battle Royale.


Many are expecting this class to be a response to the removal of jetpacks from the game Farlight 84, which, in the opinion of many, was the only thing that set the game apart from other BR games.

The Premium Pass subscription includes several weapon blueprints, such as:

  • Type 19 – Imperial Refinement
  • Man-O-War – Warrior’s Redoubt
  • OTs 9 – Avenging Lily
  • HS0405 – War-Built
  • UL736 – Attack Speed

The Premium Pass also includes several operator skins for Isabella, Battery, David Mason, and Tiang.


During the season, it is expected that Mythic Type 19, Long Yun, and the Spear Melee will be released. Here are the descriptions from the Activision blog:

Mythic Type 19: This mythical weapon showcases a Chinese ink painting that changes with the seasons as the weapon evolves throughout the match. You will also have a chance to obtain the accompanying operator skin, “Dark Shepherd – Dark Emperor,” featuring black-and-white warrior attire and a tattered cloak.

Long Yun and Spear: Long Yun, a hired assassin and bodyguard, appears here in elegant warrior attire along with his faithful spear – a striking azure weapon, a deadly melee weapon that perfectly matches his fighting style.

Kryptis – Cruel Gaze: Mercenary Kryptis dons an intimidating tactical suit with a face panel to maintain anonymity. This season also introduces his favorite DL Q33 – Dark Void with a galaxy animation on the body and a futuristic design.

Battle Pass Vault: In the second season, content from the fourth season of 2022, “Wild Dogs,” will be added to the Battle Pass Vault.


In this season, Nuketown themed around the Year of the Dragon has been confirmed, along with a new multiplayer assault mode. In the Boost Assault mode, players will utilize jetpacks to run on walls, ramps, and perform high jumps – a tribute to the Advanced Warfare series.

As for Battle Royale, all players will arrive on a floating platform where they can launch fireworks and play two mini-games.

“No weapons; Only fireworks are allowed on the premises. Keep an eye out for UAVs carrying gift boxes near the floating platform and try to hit them with pyrotechnics to obtain loot inside. In addition to equipment such as gadgets, weapons, and other consumables, you can also receive a gift box with food that can be used to participate in one of the culinary mini-games. Also, look out for air balloons near the platform. Shoot them down to release their cargo. Gift-carrying UAVs may also appear in other zones of Isolated. Destroy them to acquire the loot they carry,” as stated in the Activision blog.

Season 2: “Lunar Dragon” will be released worldwide on February 7th.

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