Turbo Mode got faster in new latest Dota 2 Update

According to Valve, the Turbo Mode in the Dota 2 Update is going to be changed soon. After the Dota 2 Update 7.33 was released, some new game elements were overpowering, which was the reason for a change. The Turbo Mode updates are also based on players’ feedback. 

There are two most essential changes you should pay attention to. These are Wisdom Runes offering twice as much experience and Lotuses spawn at a faster rate.

Double it!

Apart from Wisdom Runes suggesting 100% more experience, the Lotus Pool multiplies lotuses at a shorter interval of 90 seconds compared to the previous 3 minutes.

In addition, Aghanim’s Shard original available time was reduced from 9:45 to 7:30 minutes. It helps heroes to become more active faster. Infused Raindrops can be bought at barely 1:30 minutes, so lanes will be defensible and safer.

At the drafting layout, the hero selection interface now shows how many players have chosen a hero on each team. However, the random hero selection is not visible anymore, which makes it difficult for the opponents to penalize a random hero. Moreover, players who select it no longer get a free Mango and Faerie Fire, which is too profitable.

Other insignificant changes include the removal of restriction on choosing the random hero during the last 10 seconds of selection phase.

Finally, Arcana progress tracking is now available for Phantom Assasin’s Manifold Paradox and Pudge’s Feast of Abscession at half credit.

Bug fixes reported in update 7.33

The Update 7.33 has some bugs, which were identified by the Dota 2 community via the Dota 2 Reddit.

Thus, the reported bugs that occur due to different recently introduced mechanics have been scrubbed by the janitors behind Dota 2’s software. For example, the Tormentors, Shield and Wisdom Runes, two lairs for Roshan, can be clumsy in how they really operate. We often see clips of Roshan deciding to go out for a walk in the midst of a Roshan fight or when the Tormentors deal a fatal impact via reflecting damage.

Since the Bali Major 2023 approaches very soon, hopefully the pro players can evaluate less broken bugs as it’s crucial on their Dota Pro Circuit rankings and potentially their qualification to the International 12.