Dota 2 Patch 7.33 — New Frontiers

Valve has released the patch notes for Dota 2 update 7.33, also known as New Frontiers. Probably, this is the biggest update ever for the last few years, which includes a wide range of options, loads of new items and heroes reworks.

The most perceptible change (among many others) is that the map is now 40% larger than before, with a lot of innovation. The update also adds a fourth hero type called Universal. There are big hero balance changes and new items to fuss over, too.  

Let’s take a look at the changes the Patch 7.33 can offer to the players. 

Dota 2 patch 7.33 Major Map Changes, New Items And Hero Reworks

The map changes are so big that just mentioning all of them here would leave you more confused than informed. One of the unexpected changes the Dota 2 update brought are the Roshan’s New Homes. There are now 2 places on the map where players can fight Roshan. There are also numerous new buildings, such as:

  • Twin Gates
  • Lotus Pool
  • Tormentors
  • Watchers
  • Defender’s Gates
  • Wisdom Runes
  • Shield Runes

Apart from everything mentioned above, Patch 7.33 has New Outposts, as well as 12 new creep camps.

Besides the new expanded map, there are several Universal heroes Valve introduced in the new update. Some heroes such as Arc Warden, Clinkz, Ogre Magi, Medusa and Alchemist got significant reworks, while new hero Meurta received her shard and Ags Scepter abilities added.  

One of the most expected changes is that Black King Bar has been reworked to now only offers a basic dispel, and grants 50% Magic resistance and Debuff Immunity.  

In terms of the new items, there are 14 new options to select from. Seven of them are regular items, which means you can buy them from the shops, whereas the rest are Neutral items. 

Dota 2’s matchmaker has also received an overhaul. Valve has decided to change an algorithm which promises fairer games and a better experience. Thus, instead of using the old system, we now have access to a new ELO algorithm called “Glicko”. 

There is way more happening in the New Frontiers update, so check out Valve’s website for more information. The New Frontiers is available now in Dota 2.