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Tundra Esports may not have clinched the top spot in the Western European qualifiers for The International 2024, but they still managed to earn a spot in the prestigious main event by finishing a commendable second. That’s no small feat considering the sheer number of powerhouse teams from the WEU region that were vying for those coveted qualification slots. It’s a testament to Tundra’s skill and determination that they were able to rise above the intense competition and secure their place on the biggest Dota 2 stage of the year.

The Western European qualifier was particularly stacked, with seasoned veterans and up-and-coming contenders all battling it out for a chance to represent the region at The International. Tundra’s ability to outperform so many formidable opponents and clinch that last qualification spot is a remarkable achievement. It not only solidifies their status as one of the top teams in WEU, but also highlights the incredible depth of talent in the region. With so many skilled squads fighting tooth and nail, earning a top-two finish is a true feat worth celebrating.

As Tundra prepares to take the international stage, they’ll be carrying the hopes and pride of the Western European Dota 2 community. Their strong showing in the qualifiers has elevated the region’s reputation, demonstrating that WEU is home to world-class teams capable of competing with the best. All eyes will be on Tundra as they look to make their mark on the grandest tournament of the year.

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Tundra’s path to The International 13 wasn’t exactly a cakewalk, but it was a bit smoother than some of the other teams vying for those coveted qualification slots. Their first match against Na’Vi Junior was a comfortable 2-0 victory, allowing them to easily advance to the upper bracket semifinals. And when Team Secret took down MOUZ, Tundra’s second match turned out to be a bit easier than it could have been, as Team Puppey’s squad wasn’t quite at the top of their game. Tundra swept both of those series 2-0, showcasing a fondness for heroes like Storm Spirit (picked 3 times in 4 games) and Dark Willow (also 3 out of 4 games). It’s clear their strategy revolves heavily around star players Topson and Pure, which makes total sense given how talented they are in their respective roles. When those two are on point, Tundra is awfully tough to beat.

Of course, having recently added the experienced RAMZES to the roster back in May gave Tundra a bit of extra time to come together and prepare for these all-important qualifiers. And with seasoned veterans who have won Majors and even The International on their team, success becomes much more attainable. The mix of young prodigies and battle-tested veterans makes Tundra a formidable opponent. Things got trickier for Tundra when they ran into their kryptonite – Entity. That squad defeated them 2-1 in the upper bracket finals, making great use of heroes like Morphling and Doom to outmaneuver Tundra’s usual gameplan. Falling to the lower bracket made Tundra’s path a lot more perilous, but at least they didn’t have to start from the very bottom. In the lower bracket final, Tundra’s opponent was PSG.LGD, a team that had leaned heavily on Weaver during the qualifiers. They tried that strategy again in this matchup, picking the hero 3 times. But Tundra had the perfect counter – Chaos Knight, Storm Spirit, and Sniper – which completely neutralized Weaver’s mobility and stealth. PSG.LGD’s strategy and tactics were just too predictable against Tundra’s disciplined execution.

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By taking down PSG.LGD, Tundra secured their spot at The International 13, earning the chance to compete against the absolute best Dota 2 teams in the world come September. It was a hard-fought journey, but in the end, their skill, adaptability, and preparation proved too much for the competition. Looking back on Tundra’s run through the qualifiers, it’s clear they had to overcome some significant hurdles. The Western European region was stacked with talent, forcing Tundra to be at the top of their game from the very start. Teams like Na’Vi Junior and the resurgent Team Secret posed early challenges, but Tundra managed to navigate those obstacles with relative ease. The real test came against Entity in the upper bracket finals. Tundra had seemingly found their groove, but Entity managed to exploit some weaknesses in their playstyle. It was a humbling defeat, but one that likely provided valuable lessons for Tundra moving forward. Rather than letting it shake their confidence, they regrouped and came back even stronger in the lower bracket.

The matchup against PSG.LGD was a true clash of titans. Both squads had earned their place in the qualifier finals through sheer tenacity and skill. But Tundra’s deep hero pool and ability to read their opponents’ tendencies gave them the edge. They understood PSG.LGD’s reliance on Weaver and crafted the perfect counterstrategy to shut it down. In the end, Tundra’s journey to The International 13 was a testament to their resilience, adaptability, and unwavering competitive spirit. They faced adversity at every turn, but refused to be denied their shot at glory. Now, with a spot at the biggest Dota 2 tournament secured, Tundra can set their sights on the ultimate prize – hoisting the Aegis of Champions. As they prepare for the main event, the Tundra squad will undoubtedly be driven by the knowledge that they’ve already overcome so much to reach this point. The qualifiers were a crucible that forged them into an even stronger, more battle-hardened team. With their mix of young talent and veteran experience, Tundra has all the tools necessary to make a deep run at TI13.

Of course, the competition at The International is unlike anything else in Dota 2. Tundra will need to bring their absolute best if they hope to etch their names in history. But if their performance in the qualifiers is any indication, this team is more than ready for the challenge. They’ve proven they can adapt, overcome, and triumph in the face of daunting odds. Now, the whole Dota world will be watching to see if Tundra can capture the ultimate prize.

What was the key factor that helped Tundra overcome the challenges they faced in the TI13 qualifiers?
The mix of young talent and veteran experience on their roster
Their ability to consistently win the draft phase against their opponents
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