Dota 2 Patch 7.36b Item Changes

Dota 2 Patch 7.36b

Dota 2’s latest patch, version 7.36b, introduced a number of item changes to the game. While many of the adjustments were relatively minor tweaks, there were also several more substantial updates that could have a meaningful impact on the meta. The patch notes contained over a dozen separate item-related changes, touching on both active and passive abilities, as well as cost and recipe adjustments. Some of the more notable updates included changes to items like Scythe of Vyse, Radiance, and Orchid Malevolence.

For example, Scythe of Vyse, a powerful late-game item that provides a devastating hex effect, saw its recipe cost reduced by 300 gold. This could allow players to obtain the item at an earlier timing, potentially shifting teamfight dynamics and enabling harder lockdown strategies. Radiance, a classic damage-over-time item, had its damage output increased, potentially making it a more attractive option for certain heroes and playstyles. Orchid Malevolence, a popular silencing item, received a change to its active ability cooldown, going from 20 seconds to 25 seconds. While not a massive change, this subtle adjustment could influence when and how players choose to utilize the item’s powerful silence effect.

These item modifications, when combined with other balance changes in the patch, have the potential to shift the strategic landscape of Dota 2 matches. Players and teams will need to reevaluate their item builds and timings as they adapt to the new meta. Heroes that previously favored certain items may need to explore alternative options, while other heroes could see their item choices become more viable. Moreover, the ripple effects of these item changes can extend beyond individual heroes, impacting the overall tempo and pace of the game. Faster item timings, increased damage output, or altered active ability cooldowns can all contribute to shifts in the typical flow of a match, forcing teams to adapt their strategies and playstyles.

Overall, Patch 7.36b demonstrates Valve’s continued efforts to fine-tune the Dota 2 item system, ensuring a diverse and dynamic in-game economy for players to navigate. As the meta evolves and adapts to these changes, the community will undoubtedly engage in lively discussions and experimentation, further refining their understanding of the game’s intricate mechanics and strategies.

Key Item Updates in Dota 2 Patch 7.36b

Armlet of Mordiggian no longer provides slow resistance when activated. While this was not the primary appeal of the item, it did help strength-based heroes mitigate the effects of slows from abilities like Death Prophet’s Silence and Venomancer’s Venomous Gale. Going forward, these heroes will need to account for the loss of this defensive utility. Blade Mail has received a significant 200 gold increase in cost, making it a less viable early-game purchase. This nerf, while only delaying the item’s acquisition by around 30 seconds, can still be an annoying setback for those relying on Blade Mail’s active ability. Bloodstone’s health and mana bonuses have both been reduced by 10%, from 500 to 450. While not a drastic change, this slight nerf may be noticeable in some situations where those extra 50 points made a difference. Crimson Guard’s damage block mechanic has been reworked to scale with the hero’s maximum health, rather than strength. This means that heroes with higher health pools will benefit more from the item’s protective aura. Eternal Shroud has been hit hard, with a 4-point reduction in its strength bonus and a 1-second decrease in its active duration. These significant nerfs will likely cause players to reevaluate the item’s viability in their builds.

On a more positive note, Helm of the Dominator and Helm of the Overlord now grant the experience bounty of the creep when their active abilities are used. This could provide a slight experience advantage for heroes utilizing these items. Additionally, the cost of the Holy Locket item has been reduced from 900 to 800 gold, potentially making it a more accessible option for certain support heroes. Lastly, Nullifier’s active duration has been reduced by 1 second, but it now applies a 10% slow effect as well. This change may affect the timing and usage of the item’s powerful dispel and damage. Overall, these item changes in Dota 2 Patch 7.36b introduce both nerfs and buffs that will require players to adapt their strategies and item choices to the evolving meta.

Dota 2 Patch 7.36b Item Changes

One of the more significant changes is the rework of Crimson Guard’s damage block mechanic. By basing the block amount on the hero’s maximum health rather than strength, the item becomes more versatile and can provide stronger protection for heroes with larger health pools. This could lead to a shift in the types of heroes that prioritize purchasing Crimson Guard, as tanky, high-health cores may now find the item more appealing. The nerf to Eternal Shroud, a popular item on many intelligence heroes, is also worth noting. The reduction in both its strength bonus and active duration duration could make the item feel less impactful, potentially leading players to explore alternative item choices. This change may particularly impact heroes like Invoker, Puck, and Tinker, who have often relied on Eternal Shroud as a core component of their builds. On the other hand, the experience bounty change to Helm of the Dominator and Helm of the Overlord presents an interesting new dynamic. While the raw stat bonuses provided by these items remain the same, the ability to secure additional experience could have a tangible impact on a hero’s early-to-mid game progression. This could incentivize more players to consider these items, especially on roaming or jungling heroes, as the extra experience could help them gain levels and power spikes faster.

Additionally, the reduction in Holy Locket’s cost may make the item a more appealing option for certain support heroes. The relatively small price adjustment could be enough to push it into the viable range for heroes looking to provide sustain and healing to their teammates. This change, while seemingly minor, could have a noticeable impact on the support item meta. Lastly, the adjustments to Nullifier’s active ability are worth examining. The decreased duration coupled with the added slow effect may alter the timing and usage of the item. Players will need to carefully consider when to utilize Nullifier’s dispel and damage in order to maximize its effectiveness. This change could potentially open up new counterplay opportunities against heroes who previously relied on the item to shut down their opponents. Overall, these item changes in Dota 2 Patch 7.36b represent a continued effort by the developers to fine-tune and balance the game’s item ecosystem. While some of the adjustments may seem relatively small, their collective impact on hero viability, itemization choices, and overall strategic considerations can be quite significant.

As the Dota 2 community delves deeper into the nuances of these changes, new ideas and strategies are bound to emerge. Players and teams will need to carefully analyze the impact of these item updates and adapt their playstyles accordingly. The ever-evolving Dota 2 meta promises to provide an exciting and dynamic landscape for players to explore in the coming weeks and months.

Octarine Core’s HP and Mana Bonuses Receive a Slight Nerf

The latest Dota 2 patch, 7.36b, has introduced a minor nerf to the Octarine Core item. Previously, the item provided 550 HP and Mana, but this has now been reduced to 500 for both attributes. While not a drastic change, this small adjustment could be noticeable in certain situations where those extra 50 points made a difference. This change may impact heroes who heavily rely on the item’s stats, such as intelligence cores or mana-hungry supports. Heroes like Invoker, Puck, or Rubick, who often incorporate Octarine Core into their builds, may feel the slight reduction in survivability and mana pool. However, it’s important to note that the item’s other benefits, such as the cooldown reduction and lifesteal, remain unchanged, so the overall viability of Octarine Core may not be drastically affected. Another change in this patch is a reduction in the movement speed granted by Wind Waker’s Cyclone ability. The speed has been lowered from 360 to 300, which could impact a hero’s ability to effectively escape dangerous situations. This change is particularly relevant for heroes who utilize Wind Waker’s Cyclone as a means of kiting or disengaging, such as Invoker, Puck, or Templar Assassin.

However, it’s worth noting that Wind Waker is not a commonly purchased item, as it is often overshadowed by other utility items or mobility tools. The significance of this change may be relatively limited in the overall meta, as the item’s overall usage rate is already relatively low. Nonetheless, players who do prioritize Wind Waker in their builds will need to adjust their playstyle and positioning to account for the reduced Cyclone movement speed.

The patch also brought about several adjustments to neutral items, which are as follows:

  1. Lance of Pursuit’s Hound damage has been increased by 5.
  2. Whisper of the Dread has been nerfed by 2%.
  3. Light Collector now only provides 10 HP regeneration, down from its previous value.
  4. Orb of Destruction’s slow duration has been increased by 1 second.
  5. Defiant Shell’s armor bonus has been decreased by 1.
  6. Rattlecage’s armor bonus has been reduced by 2.
  7. Martyr’s Plate’s HP regeneration has been increased by 2.

Key Item Changes In Dota 2 Patch 7.36b

These neutral item changes could have varying degrees of impact on the game, depending on the specific hero compositions and strategies employed by teams. The increase in Lance of Pursuit’s Hound damage may provide a slight boost to heroes who can effectively utilize the item, potentially enhancing their burst damage or securing kills. However, the relevance of this change will depend on how often the item is picked up and the overall impact it has on specific hero matchups. The nerf to Whisper of the Dread, a reduction of 2%, could slightly diminish the item’s effectiveness, particularly for heroes who rely on critical strike mechanics. While not a dramatic change, it may influence the decision-making process when it comes to selecting neutral items, especially in situations where multiple options are available. The reduction in Light Collector’s HP regeneration from its previous value could impact heroes who had been utilizing the item for sustain purposes. This change may push players to explore alternative neutral item choices that provide different types of utility or survivability. The increase in Orb of Destruction’s slow duration could make the item more appealing for heroes who excel at kiting or chasing down opponents. This adjustment may lead to a shift in the perceived value of the item, potentially causing players to incorporate it into their neutral item strategies more frequently. The nerfs to Defiant Shell’s armor bonus and Rattlecage’s armor bonus may reduce the defensive capabilities of these items, potentially making them less desirable in certain situations. This could open up opportunities for other neutral items that provide different types of utility or survivability to become more prominent.

Conversely, the increase in Martyr’s Plate’s HP regeneration could make the item a more attractive choice for heroes in need of sustained healing and sustain during teamfights or extended engagements. This change may lead to a resurgence in the item’s usage, especially on tanky or frontline heroes. Overall, these neutral item changes could have a noticeable impact on the game’s meta, as players and teams need to adapt their strategies and item selections to account for the shifts in power and utility. The subtle adjustments to these items may lead to the emergence of new item combinations, hero synergies, and playstyle adaptations, keeping the Dota 2 landscape dynamic and engaging. It’s worth noting that the Dota 2 meta is constantly evolving, and players will need to stay vigilant and responsive to the changing landscape. As the community explores the implications of these adjustments, new strategies and interactions may emerge, keeping the game fresh and engaging for both players and spectators alike. One potential area of exploration could be the interplay between these neutral item changes and the existing item meta. For example, the reduction in Light Collector’s HP regeneration may lead players to prioritize other sustain-focused neutral items, such as Wind Lace or Ocean Heart, in an effort to maintain their heroes’ survivability. Similarly, the increased slow duration on Orb of Destruction could synergize well with certain hero abilities or other items that enhance the kiting or disabling potential of the team.

Another aspect to consider is the impact of these changes on the overall neutral item selection process. With certain items becoming more or less attractive, players may need to reevaluate their neutral item priorities and adapt their strategies accordingly. This could lead to more dynamic and varied neutral item drafts, as teams try to optimize their item choices to counter their opponents’ compositions and playstyles. Furthermore, the collective impact of these neutral item adjustments could ripple through the broader hero meta. Certain heroes may see a boost in viability due to the changes in neutral item synergies, while others may experience a relative decline. This could, in turn, influence the overall hero picks and bans, as teams seek to exploit the emerging neutral item-hero interactions.

As the Dota 2 community continues to explore and analyze the implications of Patch 7.36b, it will be fascinating to see how these item changes shape the game’s landscape. The subtle yet impactful adjustments to both Octarine Core and the neutral items demonstrate the developers’ commitment to fine-tuning the game’s balance and providing a fresh and engaging experience for players. Ultimately, the evolving meta and the community’s adaptations will determine the long-term impact of these changes, keeping the Dota 2 experience dynamic and captivating.

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