Top Icebox Initiators to Dominate the Map

Icebox is a map known for its extensive lines of sight, making it crucial to gather accurate information. With its numerous corners and hiding spots, successfully clearing these angles requires a significant amount of utility. Therefore, selecting the most suitable initiators on Icebox is essential for securing victories for you and your team.

Initiators play a vital role in facilitating attacks on the site by flushing out enemies from their hiding spots and corners, providing valuable assistance during engagements. They rely on various informational utilities such as reconnaissance tools, damaging abilities, or flashbangs. Given Icebox’s expansive size in Valorant, initiators are instrumental in pushing onto a site or executing successful retakes.

Top Initiators for Entry or Retake on Icebox


Sova emerges as the go-to initiator for Icebox due to a multitude of reasons. With numerous hiding spots and corners for defenders to take advantage of, Sova’s Recon ability serves as an ideal countermeasure. He excels as the most formidable information-oriented initiator, providing invaluable intelligence and damage for the team.

In addition, Sova’s Shockdarts are highly effective in clearing popularly used areas, often complemented by Viper’s molotovs. They prove particularly useful in post-plant scenarios. Furthermore, we have access to exceptional Icebox lineups courtesy of expert Sova player, Average Jonas. Sova’s Drone is also excellent for detecting enemies on defender sites and during retake situations, offering more precise information than Fade’s Prowlers or Skye’s Trailblazer.

Lastly, Sova’s ultimate ability, Hunter’s Fury, offers remarkable versatility. It allows you to tag players with your drone, unleash the ultimate, use it to prevent spike defusal in post-plant situations, and even counteract formidable ultimates like Killjoy’s Lockdown.


Gekko, an incredibly versatile agent in Valorant, is set to make a significant impact in the 2024 VCT meta. His kit offers a plethora of uses, solidifying his position as a key player. His primary ability, Dizzy, is a valuable flash that not only provides information but also blinds enemies in its line of sight unless they break it. Dizzy can be retrieved and reused after a brief recharge period.

Moshpit, Gekko’s secondary ability, is a versatile tool for clearing corners and navigating post-plant situations. This damage-over-time molly, known as Mosh, adds another layer of flexibility to Gekko’s arsenal. However, Gekko’s signature ability, Wingman, truly showcases his capabilities. Whether it’s planting the spike from a safe distance or utilizing aerial maneuverability while a teammate defuses, Wingman proves to be an invaluable asset.

Furthermore, Wingman can be used to clear specific angles, concussing any enemies in its path unless destroyed. Like Dizzy, Wingman can be retrieved and reused. Gekko’s ultimate, Thrash, combines elements of Sova’s drone and Killjoy’s lockdown. By deploying Thrash and detonating her near enemies, they become immobilized and unable to shoot for a duration. While Thrash can be retrieved and reused, it can only be done once.


While Fade may not be as popularly chosen as Sova on Icebox, she still offers a viable option, especially when paired with Raze, who may be prioritized over Jett. Fade’s utility is impactful on its own, but it can also create devastating combos with Raze. Her primary ability, Haunt, functions as a revealing tool, tagging visible players within its radius and leaving a trail that can be tracked for a few seconds after marking.

Fade’s secondary ability, Prowlers, operates similarly to Sova’s drone, allowing her to scout enemies at ground level and clear corners. If an enemy is marked, Fade’s prowlers will relentlessly track them down. Failure to destroy the prowlers results in impaired hearing and reduced vision for the targeted enemy.

Seize, Fade’s defining ability, makes her an excellent partner for Raze. By lobbing Seize at enemies, it ensnares them within a limited area for a period of time. Combining Seize with Raze’s grenades often leads to effortless eliminations. It can also be effectively utilized alongside mollies, shock darts, and other abilities.

Fade’s ultimate, Nightfall, is invaluable for gathering information whether on the attack or defense. When activated, it marks all enemies within its range and provides a count of their presence. It also distorts the sound and vision of affected enemies, similar to the prowlers’ effect.


Kayo, the final agent on our list, is frequently selected on Icebox as a secondary initiator alongside Sova or Fade. His kit excels at nullifying enemy utility and supporting duelists with his flashes. Kayo’s rechargeable free ability, Zero Point, is a knife that disables enemy abilities within its radius. While destructible, the accompanying sound cue can provide information about enemy positions, and if left intact, it reveals the number of suppressed enemies.

His arsenal includes two purchasable flashes that prove highly effective for site attacks and retake situations. Kayo’s pop flashes are notorious for being difficult to evade. Additionally, his Fragment ability is a molly that can clear crucial angles without exposing the player or be used strategically in post-plant scenarios.

Finally, Kayo’s ultimate ability, Null CMD, temporarily disables all enemy abilities within its radius. This ability is invaluable for denying attacks, facilitating retakes, countering post-plant situations, and more. Kayo is often paired with other initiators, and the Sova-Kayo combination is arguably the most popular initiator pairing on this map.

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