The best sentinels on Lotus

It can be hard to defend Lotus as there are three spike sites.

The main point is not to lose sight of the tortuous corridors in the middle of the map, since those are the key ground of control. 

Sentinels are crucial to locking down the map, punishing opponents as they pass through choke points and providing information, even if you don’t have bodies on site.

Let’s take a look at the best sentinels on Lotus.

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Killjoy is undoubtedly the best sentinel on Lotus.

There are several tight choke points on the map, particularly near the B and C sites, that Killjoy can control with Nanoswarm mollies. While funneling on to sites, opponents will take heavy damage and will have to approach extremely carefully.

Her Turret can also assist her to watch adjoining lanes.

Lastly, her Lockdown ultimate is the best at attacking or retaking scenarios, compelling opponents off sites entirely and making space for her team.


If you want to reinforce your defense on Lotus, Sage will be a perfect agent to help you in that. She is played the same way as she used on Haven, which has also three sites. 

Her Barrier Orb wall can be used to wall off B site in the beginning of round, hampering any push and denying entrance to B, including its pathways. You don’t need to worry about B site, unless the wall is broken.

The path to C is easily locked down as well, and the only other way into C site is through C Waterfall, which demands opponents to first take control of B site.

Sage’s Slow Orb is especially effective on the map’s narrow choke points too. It can stop a push dead in its track, apart from agents with movement abilities.


Unlike Killjoy and Chamber, Cypher’s traps are not range-limited and will not deactivate, so he will always keep control over key areas of the map until he is killed. Moreover, his Trapwires are perhaps one of the best abilities for observing flanks from any side of the map, which can be crucial in default plays.

Trapwires have also some useful defense spots that allow Cypher to anchor the site from behind. 

But even so, he is still outshadowed by Killjoy, who has far greater stall ability.


Compared to the other sentinels in the game, Chamber’s kit is not good enough for defense.

He has just one Trademark trap which is his only stall ability that deactivates when he moves out of range. Chamber’s other abilities rely on a player’s ability to time their aggression correctly and land their shots.

And even if he is able to find an opening pick, the limited range of Rendezvous will not allow him to be entirely out of danger and may be traded quite easily.