New Valorant Lotus Map: mechanics, locations, callouts

The Lotus map is the Valorant 9th map, and a part of the Episode 6 Act 1 update. The map is huge, and has innovative gameplay elements including rotating doors, a fragile wall, and a silent drop mechanic. Additionally, it has 3 bomb sites for gamers to investigate.

Lotus is set in the Western Ghats region of India on Omega Earth, and has traditional Indian architectural elements, which include rock-cut temples, step-wells and Dravidian architecture.

Lotus map mechanics

On the one hand, Lotus is similar to Haven, but totally different because it includes various gameplay mechanics. The rotating doorways and the wall that opens a path between A main and B site, are only two of the map’s exceptional features. There are plenty of cubbies and corners for hiding in and peeking on each site of the map. 

Lotus map callouts and locations

To be successful in Lotus, new players must be familiar with all its complex layout, so learning callouts is a key to win. Let’s take a look at all the locations of the new map below!

Attacker-sided callouts

The A site of the Lotus is the most difficult consisting of all 3 elements of the map.

  • A Lobby 
  • A Root
  • A Rubble
  • A Door

The least complicated callout for attackers is the way to the B site. Be careful of sudden rotations as the B site has many openings from A and C.

  • B Pillars
  • B Main

As well as to the B site, the attackers’ path to the C site is effortless.

  • C Lobby
  • C Mound
  • C Door

Defender-sided callouts

Defenders have many opportunities. 

  • A Top
  • A Drop
  • A Stairs
  • A Link

Since the B site is very tiny, there is not much to tell about it, except the B site has a verticality on it.  

  • B Upper

The C site’s callouts are quite easy to remember. 

  • C Gravel
  • C Hall
  • C Waterfall
  • C Link

Hopefully this map guide was useful for you and you’re ready to go into battle!