The best initiators on Lotus

Initiators are really important for maps such as Lotus. Since there are three sites on the map with a lot of angles and covers, initiators who are great at clearing the corners and getting information about the enemy’s location will definitely dominate. Initiator players may not have the most amount of kills, but as long as their utility use is superb, their power will always be considered the most in Valorant.

Let’s take a look at the best initiators on Lotus.

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Swedish initiator Breach plays a crucial role in Lotus, making him one of the best initiators for any team composition. His ability to stun and damage through walls is his unique skill, which is incredibly valuable on Lotus for entry/defense of all three sites because of their size and shape. For example, Breach’s Flashpoint can blind the opponent from any spot on the map. 

His Fault Line ability can also be used to clear out angles and knock enemies off vantage points, such as A Stairs and A Main.

In addition, Aftershock skill is a great way to force enemies out.  

Last but not least, Breach’s Rolling Thunder can enable you to entirely gain control of a site when attacking and defending. 


Fade’s forte is in her two Prowlers, which are perfect for clearing sharp angles and corners before site entries/retakes, particularly for B site and C Bend. Prowlers can also lead the way through the map’s spinning doors. 

Apart from Prowlers, Fade can use her Haunt to receive the exact location of her enemies. 

Similar to Breach’s Rolling Thunder, Nightfall can cover all three sites, another powerful tool for attacking or retaking.


KAY/O is a very powerful initiator on Lotus map. His ZERO/POINT skill can repress and reveal the enemies on a site, which can be decisive while players are rushing onto it. 

Additionally, the FRAG/MENT ability can be extremely efficient, especially when used strategically to gain space on the map or during post plants. 

KAY/O’s ultimate is perfect for executes and retakes. By turning opponents’ abilities worthless, you and your team can rush or retake a site quite easily. 


There is no doubt that Russian agent Sova is a great initiator. However, Lotus does not allow him to use his abilities fully. Even though there are still some effective lineups, they prevent Sova from keeping an advantage at a distance and compel him to be close to the spike in post-plant situations. 

Nonetheless, the ability to bounce his Recon Bolt and Shock Bolt let him reconnoiter and clean out the clefts of each site. 

Sova’s Owl Drone is also an excellent recon tool, which helps get early information on the site. 


Skye proves to be a great choice when you think of selecting an initiator on Lotus map. She can get the information of the enemy’s whereabouts using her Guiding Light ability. Her flashes can aid in fast and aggressive plays, assisting you to take control of the sites when retaking.

Skye’s Trailblazer can help you check out the corners and clear out the angles on the different sites. However, Trailblazer scouts will struggle because opponents can break it before they come into range of its limited vision. 

Compared to the other initiators, it will be harder to get value out of Skye’s abilities, though it doesn’t mean she is a bad agent for Lotus map.