The best controllers on Lotus

All Agents and Maps in Valorant have unique features and backstories. Lotus is one of the most beautiful maps in Valorant, set in India. The presence of three sites makes Lotus different from the other maps. 

A good Controller player can turn a match around for a team. Even if you have some difficulties during the match, with the help of a good Controller, you can literally control it.  

Let’s take a look at the best controllers on Lotus map.


Omen is certainly the strongest controller on Lotus so far. His utility kit is extremely effective at controlling Lotus. Omen’s recurrent Dark Cover smokes can help him and his team conquer as much space on defense. 

In combination with his Shrouded Step, Omen’s Paranoia is highly potent on Lotus, especially when it comes to rotating doors and narrow entrances. 

Finally, his ultimate ability can help him move quickly across the huge map in seconds. 


Lotus may be a great place for Astra agent as her ability to fake smokes assists her teammates to rush any of the three sites quicker. She can control sites from afar as well, which is a big advantage on lotus. 

For example, Astra’s Nebula smoke can be played at C Mount when attacking and can help her team take important A Main control at the same time. 

In addition, thanks to her Gravity Well and Nova Pulse, Astra’s teammates do not have to be always aware of the corners. 


Harbor can be a remarkable pick, but not the best choice on Lotus. Harbor’s controller skills will not help your teammates when attacking and retaking a site. It may work for a short period of time, but enemies will counter your team shortly. 

However, his flexible wall, High Tide, can easily cover choke points. Also, pushing into map’s sites with Cascade and through revolving doors should be effortless. 

Lotus’ narrow sites are complex to keep hold of, and gamers can face difficulty planting the bomb or staying alive. Harbor’s Cove can be a game-changer in these cases. Lastly, his Ultimate will be very efficient at plant sites prior to a push. 


Brimstone is the only agent who can manage all three sites of the map and drop three high-quality Sky Smokes at once. However, his limited smokes can become a problem while controlling Lotus. But this issue can be solved by checking those smokes or playing in a double controller setup. 

Moreover, Brimstone’s Molotov lineups can give you extra advantage on both sides. Plus, his Ultimate will be ideal for small plant sites.


Viper’s Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud can be very useful at sealing off choke points and taking space control. While being in B site, she can easily block off both A Main and B site. The Poison Cloud can make a one-way smoke to pause the opponents.

Although Viper’s utilities are convenient, they don’t provide much value on Lotus due to the map’s specific layout. Viper will find it complicated to provide cover when her team changes the initial plan and decides to rotate, which will be a common strategy on the three-site map.