The best duelists on Lotus

Valorant has many tremendous agents, and some of the most popular choices among gamers are the Duelists. 

First and foremost, a duelist’s goal is to create space and chaos, catching enemies off guard and getting entry kills, and playing an active role in both executions and retakes. However, different agents do different things, and that’s undoubtedly the case with duelists as well. While some agents are better at creating space and getting entry kills, the strength of others is in denying angles or providing support with blinds.

Let’s take a look at the best duelists on Lotus.


When it comes to movement, creating space for the team and gathering information, Raze is the best. 

She can create spaces very effectively with her Blast Pack. It allows her to burst onto site in seconds. Those who can manage Blast Pack boosts provide even more opportunities for their team. 

In addition, her Boom Bot can be used to get some early information, whereas her Paint Shells and Showstopper are excellent abilities to stall entries or scare off enemies hiding in a corner. On a small site B, players can use Paint Shells to clear tight areas, particularly the small room at A Link or even B Upper.


Jett is probably the best duelist on Lotus. She can jump higher, sprint forward faster and hit deadly shots with more accuracy than any agent. Jett’s unique kit makes her such a strong player. 

For instance, her ultimate Blade Storm ability equips Jett with five throwing knives that have perfect accuracy and recharge after killing an enemy.

Jett’s skill set is unrivaled allowing her to take dangerous angles and break defenses using her Tailwind and Updraft abilities. 


Neon’s speed is an incredible feature, and it serves her well when creating space on sites or rotating. Her Fast Lane will be useful to allow a player’s team to safely enter a site as it creates two smoke walls. At the same time, the Relay Bolt stun will fire an energy bolt creating a concussive blast.

Neon’s High Gear is an amazing ability that lets her sprint across the Lotus choke points and three sites.  

The only concern with Neon compared to the others is that her abilities are not as devastating as some of the elite duelists. However, she is a fun agent to play for aggressive players. 


Yoru is famous for his ability to move between dimensions, cheating his enemies and teleporting around the map. 

His basic abilities can help you to create a mirror image of Yoru that explodes and flashes an area when shot and to throw a dimensional fragment that bounces off of a surface prior to flashing nearby players. 

Additionally, Yoru’s ultimate Dimensional Drift ability is a very strong recon tool and one of the best for checking around the corners and pressuring opponents.


As new Agents were released, Phoenix kit became powerless as compared to his teammates. In spite of his irascible nature, Phoenix remains lackluster as a duelist. Nevertheless, his Curveball flash is one of the most difficult to avoid, and he will be strong when pushing the plenty of tight corners in the game.

Moreover, Phoenix has such an excellent overall kit. He can create cover with his Blaze to enter a site and heal himself by standing in his fire abilities. 


Reyna is considered one of the most deadly and selfish agents in Valorant, and therefore she is perhaps the worst at being a team player. 

However, her Devour ability is arguably the strongest one in the game, which makes her one of the hardest agents to kill. This ability allows you to heal yourself for 100 health over three seconds and to overheal up to 50 health that disintegrates over 30 seconds. Reyna is a duelist that relies fully on your ability to get kills.