Stickers s1mple and Cloud9 became the most popular in 2023

S1mple: Top sticker popularity list

Every time players come across s1mple’s PGL Major Stockholm 2021 sticker, their attention is instantly drawn. This sticker doesn’t just have a unique design – it represents the importance and contribution of s1mple himself to the development of Counter-Strike esports, making it truly valuable for collectors and dedicated fans.

The CS community appreciated not only the quality of the sticker, but also its historical significance, which led to the explosive popularity of this element in 2023. It is important to emphasize that such a high rating of the s1mple sticker was the result of his enormous popularity in the gaming environment and significant influence on the professional scene.

Cloud9: Growing value and user interest

Significant user interest was noticed in the Cloud9 team sticker from the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 tournament. In 2023, its price increased by 450%. The most popular skins were the Huntsman Knife, Hydra gloves, AK-47 | Slate and AWP | Mortis. Previously, data miners discovered that Valve was preparing a new knife called Kukri for CS 2.

There is a possibility that it will be added to the game along with the case and the Train map, which is already mentioned in the shooter’s file system. On December 22, journalists from a2wai analyzed the prize amounts earned by top teams for each round won and kill. It turned out that Team Vitality received $167 for each kill.

Top 10 most expensive stickers in cs go 2023

  1. Katowice 2014: Titan (Holo) – $60,000
  2. Krakow 2017: keshandr (Gold) – $7200
  3. Cologne 2014: Team Dignitas (Holo) – $4100
  4. Cluj-Napoca 2015: NiKo (Foil) – $2800
  5. Atlanta 2017: s1mple (Foil) – $1600
  6. Katowice 2015: Vox Eminor (Holo) – $1200
  7. DreamHack 2014: Team Dignitas (Holo) – $800
  8. Columbus 2016: s1mple (Foil) – $600
  9. Cologne 2016: s1mple (Foil) – $300
  10. Cologne 2015: shroud (Foil) – $153

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