Soundtrack of Arcane: All Music Tracks Featured in the League of Legends Animated Series

The League of Legends anime “Arcane” has left fans in awe with its mesmerizing visuals and captivating sound. In addition to its stunning animation and powerful voice acting, viewers have formed a deep connection with the unforgettable songs and soundtrack of Arcane.

In an exclusive interview with ONE Esports, Christian Linke, the visionary creator and executive producer of Arcane, shared insights into the team’s creative process when it came to crafting the music for the series.

Christian previously worked as a composer at Riot Games for five years

“We always begin by identifying a particular scene or moment in the story that resonates with us,” he explained. “Having big names involved was never a requirement. There are many talented individuals out there, and that’s what we gravitated towards.”

The Arcane soundtrack offers a diverse mix of energetic and calming songs that perfectly complement the impactful moments in the series. It features a range of artists, including Japanese guitarist Miyavi, regulars at the World Championship Imagine Dragons, and the legendary singer Sting.

Below is a comprehensive list of all the songs and the complete soundtrack featured in League of Legends’ Arcane.

All Arcane songs from the League of Legends anime

EnemyImagine Dragons ft. JIDOpening theme
PlaygroundBea MillerEpisode 1 — Welcome to the Playground
Our LoveCurtis Harding and Jazmine SullivanEpisode 2 — Some Mysteries Are Better Left Unsolved
GoodbyeRamseyEpisode 3 — The Base Violence Necessary for Change
Get Jinxed!Agnete Kjølsrud (Djerv)Episode 4 — Happy Progress Day!
Dirty Little AnimalsBones UKEpisode 4 — Happy Progress Day!
Guns For HireWoodkidEpisode 6 — When These Walls Come Tumbling Down
Misfit ToysPusha T, MakoEpisode 7 — The Boy Savior
Dynasties & DystopiaDenzel Curry, Gizzle, Bren JoyEpisode 7 — The Boy Savior
SnakesPvris, MiyaviEpisode 8 — Oil and Water
When Everything Went WrongFantastic NegritoEpisode 9 — The Monster You Created
What Could Have BeenSting ft. Ray ChenEpisode 9 — The Monster You Created

Fans have the opportunity to enjoy the complete Arcane song playlist on platforms such as Spotify or the YouTube channel of Riot Games Music.

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