Review of the first gaming day of RMR B PGL Major

Matches have started in the final European Group B of the qualifiers for the first CS2 Major. Unlike the previous lineup of participants, the situation proved to be quite predictable in the first two rounds. The clear favorites didn’t disappoint their fans and achieved a record-breaking 2-0 victory. The rest, however, were only able to win one out of the two matches played yesterday.

Top teams did not disappoint

Unlike IEM Katowice, Team Vitality came here with a completely different mindset, and they showcased it in their first two matches. In the opening round, they had to face a formidable opponent in GamerLegion. Regardless of the circumstances, the match ended in a true “beatdown” where Vitality simply wiped out their opponents with a score of 13-2. The game took place on the Nuke map, and the star of the match was none other than Mathieu “Zywoo” Herbaut, who delivered a masterclass performance.

In their next match, nothing changed, and Heroic fell victim to the hot-handed French squad. The Danes performed slightly better than their predecessors, managing to secure a total of 3 rounds. The team led by apEX comfortably advanced to today’s game and will be playing for a slot in the Major, which puts them in an obligatory position since they were the last triumphant team in the CS Majors.

The IEM Katowice champions demonstrated their strength here as well, setting the stage for a truly one-sided affair. Team Spirit didn’t give ENCE a chance to take a single round and crushed them with a score of 13-0. One might question why they picked the Overpass map in the first place. It was a match that truly showcased the dominance of “dragons” and the complete helplessness of their opponents, and naturally, the encounter was over very quickly.

Of course, as always, Danil “donk” Kryshkovets stood out in the match, earning the MVP title for his 18 kills, 3 assists, and only 4 deaths in 13 rounds. In the final match, Spirit faced Astralis, and it wasn’t an easy stroll. However, to be honest, ENCE’s performance was truly shocking to many, as this team, especially recently, has shown commendable gameplay. As for the Danes, they managed to give Spirit a tough fight, and it all came down to the final rounds. The final score of the map was 13-11, and Chopper’s team began preparing for the match to secure a spot in the Major, which will take place today.

Closing the quartet of teams with a 2-0 result on the first day are Cloud9 and MOUZ. Indeed, recently, the “mice” have pleasantly surprised everyone with their gameplay and rightfully find themselves in high positions in the global rankings and tournaments. Yesterday, they played against BNE and Ecstatic. In the case of the latter match, they went smoothly and defeated their opponents with a score of 13-8. However, a real battle took place in the game against Bad News Eagles. It was only decided in overtime, where MOUZ emerged victorious with a score of 16-14.

The inconsistent Cloud9 lineup managed to impress after their less than successful performance in Poland, defeating all of their opponents. They swiftly dispatched the relatively unknown team Pera with a score of 13-3, but they had a fierce fight against Apeks. Nevertheless, Cloud9 emerged victorious, and the guys definitely felt a sense of relief after all the recent setbacks.

How are things going with the other teams?

The absolute outsiders of the first game day were the following teams: 

  1. Preasy
  2. Guild Eagles
  3. Nexus
  4. Pera Esports

All four teams lost their opening matches and will now only be playing for their survival in this qualifier. Frankly, no one had high expectations for these teams.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the table, there is a range of teams that you are familiar with, but their performance so far has been underwhelming. Nevertheless, there are still chances for everyone, even those who enter the new day with a disappointing record of two losses:

These guys have a 1-1 score and three points in the table, which means that today’s games will be extremely important for them. As for us, we can only speculate and prepare you for the fact that these prominent names may not be able to make it to the Major in full force, which means that someone among them will indeed miss the first CS2 Major. Given the current situation, Monte is already at risk, as they were unfortunate to lose a key player, sdy, right at the start of the qualifiers. Let’s see how it plays out on the server, but we’ll reiterate that there are still chances for everyone!

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