Historic victory for Team Spirit at IEM Katowice 2024! The guys set a bunch of records and achievements

Team Spirit emerged victorious at IEM Katowice 2024, defeating FaZe with a score of 3:0 in the championship final – 13:9 on Nuke, 13:11 on Mirage, and 13:3 on Overpass.

The journey to victory for the eventual champions began in the Play-In stage, where they triumphed over Apeks and TheMongolz to advance to the group stage. In the main part of the tournament, the “dragons” managed to overcome NAVI, Complexity, and FaZe, securing a direct spot in the playoffs’ semifinals. In this stage, Leonid “chopper” Vishnyakov’s roster also defeated MOUZ.

Team Spirit beat FaZe Clan and became the winners of IEM Katowice 2024

It’s a historic moment! Spirit demolishes Faze Clan in the IEM Katowice final and emerges as the champions of the first premier tournament of 2024. This is a monumental moment not just for Counter-Strike in our region but also worldwide. Just take a look at the records and achievements that Spirit’s players have conquered.

  • Donk becomes the youngest champion in the history of IEM Katowice 2024. He lifted the trophy at the age of 17 years and 17 days. Previously, this record belonged to Monesy, who won Katowice at the age of 17 years and 281 days.
  • Chopper secures his first major tournament victory in his 9-year career. Prior to this, his best result in tournaments of this caliber was a 3rd-4th place finish at the PGL Major Antwerp.
  • Donk matches Niko’s record for the highest rating at top-tier tournaments – 1.7. And he achieves this feat in his very first top-level LAN event. It’s simply mind-boggling!
  • Sh1ro secures his first top-tier tournament victory after leaving Cloud9. His most recent triumph was at IEM Dallas 2022. By the way, Dmitry is the only player from Eastern Europe who has won IEM Katowice twice. However, his first victory took place online in 2021.

Donk becomes the youngest recipient of the MVP award at a top-tier tournament. Yes, he’s young and talented – that’s something you surely won’t forget.

Let’s not forget about Magixx and Xyp9x as well – it’s their first tournament victory at this level too. While Boris had already played in the semifinals of the PGL Major Antwerp, Miroslav is making his debut on the big stage.

All the Spirit players concluded IEM Katowice 2024 with a positive rating. It’s a true testament to their teamwork, which doesn’t rely solely on Donk! And finally, let’s talk about Donk. He becomes the 6th Russian player with two MVP medals after Sh1ro (4), Ax1Le (3), Jame (3), flamie (2), and Dosia (2). And yes, he achieves this at the age of 17.

Prize fund distribution:

  1. Team Spirit – $400 thousand + slots at IEM Cologne 2024, BLAST Premier World Final 2024 and Esports World Cup 2024
  2. FaZe – $180 thousand
  3. Falcons – $80 thousand.
  4. MOUZ – $80 thousand.
  5. G2 – $40 thousand.
  6. ENCE – $40 thousand.
  7. Heroic – $24 thousand.
  8. NAVI – $24 thousand.
  9. Complexity – $16 thousand.
  10. Eternal Fire – $16 thousand.
  11. GamerLegion – $16 thousand.
  12. Monte – $16 thousand.
  13. Apeks – $10 thousand.
  14. Cloud9 – $10 thousand.
  15. Rebels – $10 thousand.
  16. Vitality – $10 thousand.
  17. TheMongolz – $4.5 thousand.
  18. Virtus.pro – $4.5 thousand.
  19. BIG – $4.5 thousand.
  20. M80 – $4.5 thousand.
  21. Rooster – $2.5 thousand.
  22. Astralis – $2.5 thousand.
  23. BetBoom – $2.5 thousand.
  24. FURIA – $2.5 thousand
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