PUBG Esports Announces Two New International Teams Joining the Affiliate Program

PUBG Esports has just announced the highly anticipated 10 teams that will be part of the PUBG Esports Global Partner Team program for 2024. This year’s lineup includes eight familiar organizations from the previous season, as well as the exciting addition of two newcomers. Fans can expect an intense showdown as these partnered teams showcase their skills and strategies at the upcoming PUBG Global Series 2024 Phase 3 tournament, set to take place in May 2024. With a mix of seasoned veterans and fresh talent, this event promises to be a thrilling spectacle that will captivate PUBG Esports enthusiasts worldwide.

Two new global partner teams

PUBG Esports has introduced two exciting new additions to its Global Partner Teams: CERBERUS Esports and Daytrade Gaming. CERBERUS has been an integral part of PUBG Esports since 2019, when it signed its first Vietnamese roster. Remaining true to its origins, the organization has exclusively recruited players from its region. Their dedication to nurturing local talent was rewarded with a victory at the PUBG Vietnam Series 2023: Spring and an impressive 7th place finish at the most recent PUBG Global Championship.

Daytrade Gaming, on the other hand, joined PUBG Esports in 2019 under the name “Daytrade BEAR,” representing Thailand. The team achieved success in the regional scene by winning the PUBG Thailand Series 2023 – Phase 1. They also made their mark internationally, securing a commendable 13th place out of 32 teams at the PUBG Global Championship 2023.

Krafton, the South Korean video game publisher, carefully evaluated top teams worldwide, with a strong focus on fan support and engagement. Both CERBERUS Esports and Daytrade Gaming were selected due to their passionate and dedicated fanbases in the esports community, as highlighted in the official PUBG announcement.

Both teams join the eight remaining PUBG organizations

Joining the ranks of the eight returning Global Partner Teams from last year are two new additions. The lineup now consists of:

  1. 17Gaming
  2. FaZe CLAN
  3. Four Angry Men
  4. Gen.G
  5. NAVI
  6. Petrichor Road
  7. Soniqs
  8. Twisted Minds

The upcoming PUBG Global Series 2024 Phase 3 LAN event will feature an exciting lineup of 10 partner teams, accompanied by the top 14 teams from the Phase 1 leagues. While specific information regarding the event’s dates and location is yet to be announced, one notable change from last year is the increase in the number of Global Partner Teams from eight to ten.

During the Phase 3 of the previous year’s tournament, the Global Partner Teams consisted of three teams from Europe, four from Asia, and one from the Americas. Stay tuned for further updates on this highly anticipated event.

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