Cody sun clutch gaming trample tsm in lcs-quarterfinals

In an exact score repeat from the 2018 Spring Playoffs, Clutch Gaming eliminated Team SoloMid in the 2019 Summer Finals and advanced to the semifinal round. If they want to make it to Worlds now, TSM will have to go through and win the regional Gauntlet.

TSM had some trouble executing their early game ganks, with rookie Mingyi “Spica” Lu evidently not fully in sync with the rest of the team. Despite a few highlight moments for the youngster, like a baron steal in game 1, TSM suffered severe beating at the hands of Clutch Gaming.

“So far, they are playing exactly as we thought they would,” assistant coach Connor “Artemis” Doyle said after the game 2 draft, highlighting the predictability of TSM’s draft, as they repeated a top lane Kled and a Sejuani in the jungle, to little success. Meanwhile, Cody Sun’s signature Sivir remained untouched in both in draft and on the Rift, carrying the first two games with a combined 12/0/14 KDA. The synergy between Clutch’s top and mid was also on point, and the example below was one of the many instances of having “two Hunis” — when the two players are in absolute understanding — as Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon put it in a post-game interview.

While TSM did return one game with a Xayah pentakill by Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen and took away Cody’s Sivir in game 4, they couldn’t engineer a reverse sweep. Cody popped off on a 10/0/6 Kai’Sa in the final game, ending on a 24/2/24 KDA for the series and zero deaths in the games Clutch Gaming won.

Clutch will find their next opponents today, after Counter Logic Gaming and OpTic Gaming decide the second semifinalist. As top seed, Team Liquid have the advantage to pick their opponents first, leaving the other team for Cloud 9.