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Steven “Kodak” Rosenberger is the first German national to make it into Overwatch League. Ineligible last season, the young player had gotten the call up to the Atlanta Reign during a boot camp for the German WorldCup team for which he was a starter. With solid mechanics and a cerebral playstyle, he stands in an established lineage of European flex supports with lots of potential.



You’re the first player from Germany stepping foot into OWL. Just by sheer population size, Germany should send a lot more players than they are currently doing. How do you explain this asymmetry? Have you met fellow Germans which should have a serious shot at OWL?

I am not 100% certain why Germany has such a low number of players competing in the higher leagues of Overwatch but I assume that it might have something to do with the small support we get for the t2/t3 scene and from our government in esports. Pursuing a career in Overwatch is a really huge risk at the moment and I can understand why the majority of players are deciding to not take this risk. Really good players which might have a shot of being in the Overwatch League in the future are Nesh, Mete and Progi.


Few players from Europe made it to OWL in season 2, less from non-academy teams. What was the try out process like? Are there former teammates or opponents you were surprised to not see signed?

I know that a ton of people from Europe got tryouts for Overwatch League teams but sadly my old teammates from 6nakes were not included in the tryouts. I was really lucky to get the tryout for Atlanta and I am still super thankful for the opportunity they gave me. I expected to see Zuppeh in Season 2 but I am pretty sure he will get picked up soon.


You’ve now scrimmed on both Western continents. There are signs that Europe has a more firm understanding of GOATS. Repeatedly European coaches mention that the understanding of the composition is lacking in North America, even among OWL teams. Do you find this to be true and how is it different?

I believe that the only advantage EU has in the current meta is experience and OWL teams just need a little bit more time to figure stuff out. The playstyle in Overwatch League and contenders EU differs quite a bit. Teams play GOATs different and in my opinion, the playstyle we have in the Overwatch League is more versatile. If we want to compare NA and EU Contenders I am sure that the top 2 teams from both regions could beat each other.


Zenyatta in GOATS is said to be a lot about sight lines and discord application, which is often about not failing rather than playmaking. Without giving too much away, do you think there is room for individual standout performances on the hero in this comp or any of its variations and if so what would those look like?

Zenyatta in GOATs is all about good discord management and ultimates. In a GOATs mirror you won’t see a Zenyatta frag out that much. I think that in the current meta it’s about not making mistakes, playing consistent and having a good understanding of what to do in certain situations. Standout performances for me would be playing a flawless game of good tranquilities, good positioning and discords.


Atlanta has signed Dogman as a last minute addition. As we’ve learned last season, metas can be very volatile. There is even a possibility of a new support hero being introduced mid-season. Are you two going to split time or hero pool? On a spectrum of specialist to jack of all trades, how would you describe yourself as a player? How confident are you in your ability to switch it up to Ana if it was required?

At the moment Dogman and I are splitting time.

I would describe me as a passive zen who is smart and understands his place as a support in the team. I am basically the opposite of a playmaker. My playstyle aims around not making risky plays and being a consistent support for my team.

I am confident in playing Ana if needed to.


What kind of meta would you prefer in order to play at your absolute best? Where do you think your strength as a player lie and how would they apply to that meta? If you want, you may include your team’s inherent strength in the equation.

I think slow metas favor my playstyle due to me being a passive player. The current meta fits my playstyle really well. I believe that the meta is not about being a playmaker rather than being really consistent.


What are your team’s and your own individual goals for this season?

As I always mention in my interviews I can’t speak for my team but my personal goal for this season is reaching playoffs and being a consistent player.



Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment. 

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