New update in Overwatch 2: All hero changes

The first beta of Overwatch 2 is already available, and gamers from other countries are already testing the shooter and sharing their impressions of the new 5v5 structure, new character, ping system, and hero reworks.

Now let’s talk about the last point specifically – how some heroes have changed in Overwatch 2, apart from those that have been completely reworked.

Changed a lot:

  • Bastion
  • Orisa
  • Sombra
  • Doomfist

Partially changed:

  • Reinhardt
  • Zarya
  • Cassidy
  • Winston

Speaking in general, there are fewer ways to stun enemies, and each role has passive perks. Tanks are harder to knock down, attackers have a speed boost, and supports receive automatic healing.

Now let’s go through all the changes.


Bastion has lost its capacity for self-regeneration. Additionally, it has gained the ability to transition between different modes. However, in tank mode, it now possesses mobility but comes with a cooldown. Furthermore, Bastion now has an alternative firing mode, which involves launching a tactical grenade that rebounds off walls and detonates upon contact with an enemy or the ground.

As for Bastion’s ultimate ability, it now enables the firing of up to three formidable artillery shells at designated targets.


Doomfist has transitioned from the role of an offensive class to a tank role. He has gained increased health and a new ability that provides frontal protection while enhancing his rocket punch. The existing abilities have been rebalanced. The ability known as “Uppercut” has been removed. The Meteor Strike now activates more quickly and slows down enemies upon impact.


Sombra has become even deadlier, especially in skilled hands. The Hack ability now has a shorter duration on enemy abilities, but it reveals the hacked target’s location to Sombra’s entire team. Hacked enemies also receive increased damage from Sombra’s attacks.

Her ultimate ability now deals 40% more damage to enemies caught within the radius of the EMP pulse. It also disables barriers, such as Winston’s Barrier Projector.


Another character that has undergone radical changes is Orisa. Her barrier, Halt!, and Fortify abilities have been removed. Now she wields an energy spear that stuns and pushes enemies away. She also has a spear rotation ability that blocks projectiles, repels enemies, and increases Orisa’s movement speed.

Her new ultimate ability pulls enemies into a radius and deals damage after a “charge-up.” In this state, she also has a defensive field ability that provides protection without triggering a cooldown.

Furthermore, her primary weapon now includes infinite ammo but utilizes an overheating mechanic.


Now Reinhardt has the ability to perform two charges in succession. His mobility during the charge has increased, and there is now an option to cancel it, which can be useful when attempting to knock enemies off the map without overshooting them.


Winston’s weapon has been equipped with a secondary firing mode – he can now charge and release a sphere of focused electricity.


The personal barrier and the barrier for allies now share a cooldown, meaning that she can activate two barriers consecutively on herself or simultaneously on two allies.


The gunslinger has lost his stunning grenade but has gained a magnetic grenade instead. It operates at a short distance and automatically attracts itself to nearby enemies. It can also be attached to enemies, dealing additional damage upon explosion.


The freezing pistol of Mei deals damage and slows down enemies, but it no longer turns them into ice sculptures. Only her ultimate ability is capable of fully freezing enemies.

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