NAVI coach complained about cheaters in CS 2

Former NAVI

Coach Passion UA Mikhail “Kane” Blagin accused the EC Kostroma team of cheating after their defeat in the 1/256 finals of the open qualification for the PGL Major Copenhagen RMR for CS 2. Former NAVI coach wrote about this in H.

“PGL, we lost to cheaters at your tournament. Please help!”

Mikhail “Kane” Blagin

Blagin did not specify who exactly was cheating. EC Kostroma defeated Passion UA on Anubis with a score of 13:8. Kane’s team was eliminated from the first qualifiers for the RMR.

The open qualifiers for the PGL Major Copenhagen RMR for Europe are taking place online from January 8th to January 15th. Participants, including Heroic, PARIVISION, and Nemiga Gaming, are competing for slots in the closed portion of the competition, which will determine the lineup for the first CS 2 Major.

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