NAVI and G2 secure spots in the semifinals of the PGL Major Copenhagen

The quarterfinals of the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 have concluded, and in each case, the more experienced team emerged victorious, despite a clear difference in gaming conditions. Team Spirit was expected to defeat FaZe Clan but ended up losing. MOUZ was supposed to easily conquer G2 Esports, but they also suffered a defeat. Cloud9 looked impressive in the first two stages but were simply “shattered” by Team Vitality.

In the match between Eternal Fire and Natus Vincere, Na’Vi were considered underdogs by many. Historically, looking at Na’Vi’s achievements, we are compelled to respect them, even if they may appear slightly weaker than other competitors at the moment. In the quarterfinal match between them and Eternal Fire, we had the opportunity to witness players under incredible pressure, and some of them did not “crumble,” showcasing the best versions of themselves.

Eternal Fire vs Natus Vincere: 0 – 2

On the first map, Mirage, Na’Vi started with a solid lead: 3-9. No one expected the map to require overtime, but it happened due to an incredible comeback by Eternal Fire (EF). In the end, iM and his team still managed to win with a score of 13-16, displaying their resilience and ability to close out a challenging match. This was Na’Vi’s map choice, so the Turkish team had no reason to panic just yet. However, the problem arose when the second map, chosen by Na’Vi, turned out to be one of their favorites as well. With EF on the Terrorist side, both teams ended the first half with a tied score of 6-6. It was a closely contested matchup, with neither side giving an inch. However, in the second half, Na’Vi displayed their dominance and outperformed EF, securing a final score of 9-13 in their favor.

One cannot overlook the standout performance of w0nderful, who proved to be the star player on the server. With an impressive personal score of 48-33 and a multitude of highlight-worthy plays, w0nderful played a pivotal role in Na’Vi’s victory. His exceptional performance was crucial for Na’Vi, especially considering that Aleksib had an off-game (19-35), and b1t fought tooth and nail in key duels (35-38). Looking ahead, Na’Vi’s next match against G2 Esports promises to be an intriguing battle. These two teams have already crossed paths at the PGL Major Copenhagen during the elimination stage, where Na’Vi emerged victorious. However, it’s important to note that the previous encounter was a best-of-one match, which adds an element of uncertainty to the upcoming clash. Na’Vi and G2 have a storied history of delivering memorable matches against each other. Some of the most significant showdowns between these two powerhouses took place in the Grand Finals of events such as IEM XIV World Championship, IEM XVI Cologne, and PGL Major Stockholm. In each instance, Na’Vi emerged triumphant, showcasing their ability to dominate G2 without dropping a single map. If Na’Vi can replicate their past success, they will seize a remarkable opportunity to secure a spot in yet another Major Grand Final. The stakes are high, and the anticipation for this clash of titans is palpable among fans and analysts alike.

G2 Esports beat MOUZ

Despite a distressing incident that occurred during the quarterfinal match between G2 Esports and MOUZ, the G2 players exhibited remarkable resilience and composure as they returned to the stage and emerged victorious with a commanding 2-0 score. Each member of the G2 roster showcased an impressive performance, boasting positive kill-to-death differentials. Particularly noteworthy was the stellar display by NiKo, who amassed an impressive 39 kills and 25 deaths, accompanied by a formidable average damage per round (ADR) exceeding 100. Even HooXi, whose role as the team’s captain often entails sacrificing personal statistics, contributed significantly with 31 kills and a mere 25 deaths.

The scorelines of the individual maps unfolded as follows: a close 9-13 on Inferno, G2’s map selection, followed by a convincing 6-13 on Vertigo. MOUZ, who had previously enjoyed an impeccable 4-0 record on Vertigo, must have found the defeat on their favored battleground particularly disheartening. However, the pressure becomes exponentially more challenging to manage when confronted with the overwhelming energy emitted by the passionate crowd. For the seasoned players of G2, this was just another day in the office, a testament to their extensive experience and composure in high-stakes matches. Conversely, the MOUZ players, although undoubtedly talented, appeared to lack the necessary experience and fortitude at this elite level of competition. The disparity in experience and composure between the two teams became apparent throughout the match, ultimately tipping the scales in favor of G2. As G2 Esports progresses further in the tournament, their impressive performance against MOUZ undoubtedly bolsters their confidence and solidifies their status as a formidable contender. With their unwavering focus and the exceptional individual skills displayed by their players, G2 Esports is poised to face the challenges that lie ahead with unwavering determination and strategic prowess. The stage is set for their continued success in the tournament as they strive to claim the coveted championship title.

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