Malr1ne became MVP of BB Dacha Dubai 2024

Following their victory over Team Liquid in the grand finals of BetBoom DACHA Dubai 2024, Stanislav “Malr1ne” Potorak, the mid-laner for Team Falcons, was honored with the tournament’s MVP award. This is an incredible achievement for the 19-year-old player.

BetBoom DACHA Dubai 2024 was only Malr1ne’s second LAN tournament, with the first being ESL One Kuala Lumpur, where Falcons secured a 5th-6th place finish. In professional Dota 2, experience playing on stage and in a local network setting is crucial, as many pub stars struggle to perform under such pressure. However, this doesn’t seem to apply to Malr1ne, who showcased impressive and consistent gameplay throughout the entire event.

Malr1ne was awarded MVP

Due to his flawless performance throughout the two-week event, Malr1ne was honored with the MVP award. In an interview after the event, he admitted that the team could perform even better as they had not yet reached their peak form. The Russian player also stated that he couldn’t keep the MVP medal for himself, as he wanted to present it to his coach, Aui_2000.

Malr1ne was one of the most impactful players in the tournament, finishing with an impressive average KDA of 6.51. His most popular heroes in Dubai were Puck, Dragon Knight, and Pangolier.

Malr1ne also participated in the BetBoom DACHA Dubai 1v1 tournament but unfortunately lost to Nisha from Team Liquid in a Best-of-1 match, who ultimately emerged as the winner of the tournament. Nevertheless, Malr1ne proved to be the most skilled mid-lane player in the current tournament, especially excelling on his signature hero, Puck.

Malr1ne has created an incredibly wide pool of heroes

By playing in dozens of pubs every day, Malr1ne has also developed an incredibly wide hero pool, which is an amazing advantage in professional play. Team Falcons secured their spot in the Grand Finals against BetBoom, largely thanks to Malr1ne’s 24th pick Huskar, which played a significant role in turning the game in their favor.

Fans weren’t completely satisfied with Malr1ne during the early stages of the tournament, as he had a reputation for being somewhat toxic, often trash-talking his opponents and delivering voice lines in all chats. He particularly enjoyed engaging in BM (bad manners) games with Chinese mid-laners like Ori from Azure Ray and Xm from Xtreme Gaming. Occasionally, he would leave Russian smileys in the in-game chat after eliminating his colleagues.

Yes, all of this adds a certain element of showmanship, making the game even more exciting for viewers, but some fans definitely don’t appreciate it, especially since Malr1ne hasn’t achieved much in his professional career yet to warrant such behavior towards opponents.

During an interview, Potorak revealed that he had been keeping an eye on two mid-lane players: bzm from OG and gpk from the BetBoom team. He learned a lot about the role by studying their gameplay recordings, trying to understand what they were doing better than him.

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