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Tyler1 is one of the most famous streamers in North America that, despite being quite controversial sometimes, has earned the love of many League of Legends fans.

The streamer, also known for his participation in several Twitch Rivals and LCS Show-matches, has been now hired by the most iconic team of the Korean League of Legends scene: T1.

With this movement, announced in their official Twitter account, the LCK legendary organization plans to expand its occidental influence.

A long time has passed since Tyler1 got the first permaban for a streamer in history, which didn’t allow him to broadcast League of Legends on stream… now, with his name out of Riot’s blacklist, and after having redeemed himself, the streamer steps forward with one of the most impressive strategies from Faker’s team.

He will be working with the Korean organization as a content creator and will help the company to get closer to their North American fans.

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