Lol patch 11 3 preview goredrinker nerfed alongside tons of changes

League of Legends Patch 11.3 Preview: Goredrinker Nerfed Alongside Tons of Changes

Riot Games has just released a preview of its upcoming League of Legends patch 11.3, and it’s looking like this one is going to be a doozy. This patch includes a ton of changes, from item and champion tweaks to rune overhauls and bug fixes.

One of the most significant changes in patch 11.3 is the nerf to Goredrinker, an incredibly potent healing item that has been a staple for many top laners and fighters in recent months. Goredrinker’s active ability, which allowed players to deal damage in a cone and heal based on the number of champions hit, has been changed. Instead of healing for 12% of the user’s missing health per enemy champion hit, it now heals for a flat amount based on the champion’s level.

This change should help to bring Goredrinker more in line with other high-tier items and make fights feel more fair for both sides. Riot has also changed up some of the other items in this patch, including making the first two attacks with Kraken Slayer deal more true damage and tweaking the Mythic passive on Locket of the Iron Solari.

Champion-wise, there are also some significant changes incoming. Akali, the assassin who has been terrorizing solo queue for a while now, is getting a bit of a nerf in this patch. Her Twilight Shroud now has a longer cooldown and less energy refund, which should make her a bit more manageable to deal with in lane. Galio is getting buffed, too – his Winds of War ability is now a bit more powerful, and his Colossal Smash is now a bit faster.

There are also some big changes coming to runes in patch 11.3. The biggest of these changes is that Presence of Mind, the popular rune that gives champions a ton of bonus mana and energy for takedowns, is getting a nerf. It will now only restore 10% of your maximum mana or energy after a takedown, rather than the 20% it used to give. This should help to reign in some of the champions who have been abusing Presence of Mind and make it less of an absolute must-pick.

Other runes are getting changes too. Hail of Blades is now a bit stronger, Witchcap Signet is now more expensive but also provides a bit more power, and Predator has seen some tweaks to its cooldowns.

Finally, there are some bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements in this patch. For example, Rift Scuttlers will now properly reveal stealthed champions when they are at low health, and enemy turrets will no longer get gold for killing your minions if you’re already nearby. These might seem like small changes, but they really can help change the course of a game in your favour.

Overall, patch 11.3 is looking like a significant update that should help to balance out the currently unbalanced meta. With changes to items, runes, and champions, there’s plenty for players to get excited about. Whether you’re a hardcore solo queue grinder or just like to play the occasional game with friends, you’ll want to keep your eyes open for the changes in patch 11.3 when it drops.