Riot games teases a new league of legends champion

Recently, Riot Games has teased that they will be releasing a new champion in League of Legends. As fans of the game eagerly await any news of this upcoming character, Riot has been dropping hints and clues about what this new champion might entail. In this article, we will explore what we know about this new champion so far and what fans can expect from their gameplay.

Firstly, Riot has released a champion teaser video on their social media channels, which provides fans with a brief glimpse of what the new champion might look like. While we don’t get a clear picture of the champion’s design, the video shows off their weapons and spells, giving players an idea of how they might play.

The teaser video shows a hooded character wielding a sickle and seemingly manipulating stones with some kind of magic. It’s speculated that this new champion will be a mage, possibly with some rogue or assassin elements thrown in. Riot has used the term “Mage-Assassin” in the past, and it wouldn’t be out of the question for this new champion to fall into that category.

Another interesting aspect of this teaser is where the champion is located. The stones the champion manipulates are floating in the air above a body of water. This has led to some speculation by fans that the champion’s lore may be tied to Ionia, one of the regions in the game’s lore. The location and background of champions often tie-in to their abilities and playstyle, so it will be interesting to see how this champion’s environment plays into their gameplay.

Many fans have also been speculating on the potential abilities and playstyles this new champion might have. From the brief glimpses of the champion in the teaser, it seems that they will have a ranged attack with their sickle weapon. Additionally, it’s possible that the champion will have an ability that manipulates the floating stones they control in the teaser. The mage-assassin archetype typically excels at dealing high damage and having mobility options, so it’s possible that this new champion will be no exception.

While Riot Games has yet to release any further information about the new champion, they have updated the Public Beta Environment (PBE) with some new items that might be tied to this upcoming character. These items include a new mythic item that grants burst damage and movement speed, as well as a new legendary item that boosts ability power and provides health and mana regeneration. It’s possible that these items will synergize well with the new champion’s abilities, and might hint at what their playstyle will look like.

In conclusion, while we don’t know much about League of Legends’ upcoming new champion, the teasers and hints that Riot has released so far are exciting for fans of the game. From the brief look we got at their appearance and abilities in the teaser video, it’s possible that they will be a mage-assassintype champion with a focus on dealing high amounts of burst damage and having good mobility. It will be interesting to see what other teasers and information Riot releases about this new champion as we approach their official release.