How to Counteract Malevolent Mind Control Pizza Spinners in Fortnite

The TMNT event has finally arrived in Fortnite, bringing with it the exciting Showdown Shred quests. One of the most intriguing challenges involves the destruction of brainwashing pizza turntables that are spreading evil throughout the game. While this task may initially sound cryptic, fear not, for I am here to guide you through it! The lack of information provided by the game regarding the locations of these brainwashing pizza turntables has left many players scratching their heads. But worry not, as I have done my research and compiled a comprehensive guide to help you complete this challenge with ease.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the concept behind these brainwashing pizza turntables. They are not your ordinary pizza stands but rather devices infused with a malevolent force, manipulating the minds of unsuspecting Fortnite players. Your mission is to put an end to their wicked influence by obliterating them.

Now, let’s delve into the specifics. The brainwashing pizza turntables can be found scattered across the Fortnite map, in both familiar and unexpected locations. Keep an eye out for areas such as Pleasant Park, Salty Springs, and Retail Row, as they have been known to harbor these nefarious devices. However, don’t limit your search to these areas alone, as the turntables can appear in other regions as well.

All Evil Brainwashing Pizza Turntable locations in Fortnite

In the vast world of Fortnite, there are a grand total of ten distinct locations where you can discover and dismantle those notorious pizza turntables:

  • Pleasant Piazza x2
  • Slumberyard x2
  • Ritzy Riviera x2
  • Rebel’s Roost x2
  • Ruined Reels x2

We understand the importance of providing you with detailed information to enhance your gaming experience in Fortnite’s TMNT event. Below, we have not only marked the exact locations of the evil brainwashing pizza turntables in the image above but also prepared a comprehensive guide to help you navigate through this challenge.

The evil brainwashing pizza turntables are a unique phenomenon in Fortnite. As the name suggests, they consist of pizzas placed on top of music players. When you approach one of these turntables, you’ll notice the unmistakable sound of loud music emanating from the area, serving as a distinctive auditory clue for their presence.

To destroy these brainwashing pizza turntables, you can utilize various methods. Your trusty pickaxe is a reliable tool, but don’t hesitate to employ any other weapon at your disposal to expedite the processof destruction. Once you spot a brainwashing pizza turntable, unleash your arsenal and unleash havoc upon it. The game will keep track of your progress in real-time, conveniently displaying it in the top-left corner of your screen.

In order to complete this quest, you will need to locate and destroy a total of three evil brainwashing pizza turntables. To optimize your chances of success, we recommend starting your search at the Ritzy Riviera and Rebel’s Roost points of interest (POIs). These areas tend to have fewer players compared to the other three locations, providing you with a better opportunity to focus on your objective. Additionally, the proximity of these two POIs allows for efficient traversal and completion of the quest within a single match.

Unleash Teamwork and Triumph in the TMNT Quest: Defeat Brainwashing Pizza Turntables for Epic Rewards!

Once you have accomplished the primary objective, the TMNT quest will be marked as completed, and you will be rewarded with 300 Ooze. This valuable currency can be used to unlock a wide range of rewards from the event-exclusive battle pass, allowing you to customize your Fortnite experience with TMNT-themed items.

Remember, teamwork can greatly enhance your chances of success. Coordinate with your squadmates or join forces with other players who are also embarking on this quest. By collaborating and pooling your resources, you can cover more ground, share valuable information, and swiftly neutralize the brainwashing pizza turntables.

So gear up, sharpen your skills, and immerse yourself in the thrilling challenge of destroying the evil brainwashing pizza turntables. Your determination and perseverance will not only earn you rewards but also contribute to the restoration of peace and sanity in the Fortnite world.

Good luck, brave adventurer! May your aim be true and your journey be filled with triumph and excitement in the TMNT event.

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