Hampus becomes captain of Bleed in CS2

Swedish player Hampus “hampus” Poser begins the next stage of his career by joining experienced coach Aleksandar “Kassad” Trifunovic.

After the New Year holidays, the Bleed Esports team is not slowing down. Just after Christmas they announce the signing of Swedish veteran team captain (IGL), Hampus, to lead their CS2 squad in 2024. The decision is part of the organization’s long-term strategy, which was highlighted by the arrival of CS:GO coach, Aleksandar “Kassad” Trifunovic, in November. Bleed’s move is the first in building a strong lineup for a new CS2 project and demonstrates their serious ambitions.

Hampus is ready to pass on his experience to the future line-up of Bleed

Hampus, a well-known CS:GO player who gained a lot of experience in the Ninjas in Pajamas team, has now become a key player in the new team – Bleed. Despite his many years of experience only in CS:GO, Hampus is faced with the need to adapt to the features of the new game.

The role of In-Game Leader (IGL), which he successfully fulfilled with the Ninjas in Pajamas team, adds additional complexity to this transition process. Getting acclimatized to a new team and adapting to their playstyle becomes key to success in CS2.

For three years, from 2020 to 2023, Hampus played in the Swedish organization, and during this time the team managed to reach the playoffs in two major tournaments: PGL Antwerp and PGL Stockholm. In early 2023, Hampus decided to take an unexpected break from competition, handing over the IGL role to Aleksi “Aleksib” Virolainen, and the team switched to English for communication.

However, his transition to CS2 was not so successful, as after returning in June he only briefly became a main player, but after several poor performances, he was quickly replaced by Alejandro “alex” Masana and sent to the bench.

Bleed is assembling a full line-up for next year

The BLEED organization approaches its CS2 roster with care and determination. They began by hiring an outstanding coach and conducted a thorough selection of players, paying considerable attention to every detail of the process. The past month has been filled with an intense search for exceptional talent, and the first person invited to join the team was hampus.

“My first task is to find IGL and AWPer,” Kassad said after being appointed to the position.

One of the key criteria for BLEED was the game leader and the main AWPer, and judging by the choice of hampus, the first half of the task was successfully completed. The new coach, Kassad, spoke about this. BLEED, staying true to its ambitions, decides to expand beyond the Asian scene, aiming to create a fully international lineup for its CS2 project. This is a significant move that underscores their desire for global influence in the world of e-sports, despite already having an established reputation in VALORANT, Dota 2 and Rainbow Six Siege.

With the upcoming PGL Copenhagen Major European Open Qualifier scheduled for January 8th, BLEED has limited time to finalize its roster. However, given the careful approach to team building, there is every reason to believe that BLEED’s CS2 division will be another successful stage in their sporting journey.

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