How to Complete All Challenges in Fortnite Season 5 Week 10



Hi people! In this article, I decided to collect all the tasks thatarrived yesterday in Fortnite. A total of 7 epic quests and one legendary.

Chapter 2. Season 5. 10 week.


Destroy sofas, beds or chairs.


Let’s start with the legendary, you need to destroy any sofas, beds or chairs! The best place I found to complete the task turned out to be Pancake’s restaurant. There is just a darkness of chairs in the room itself on two floors and also on the street. I think you already know where this place is located, it is just below the very center of the map. In total, you need to destroy 100 objects.


  • Step 1 of 3 – Use Edible Consumables

To complete the task, you can use: mushrooms, apples, bananas, cabbage, etc. They can be either on the farm or anywhere else, for example, in the Pancake restaurant from the task above, there are many boxes in which you can find edible items.


  • Stage 2 of 3 – Swim in Lonely Lake

At the Lonely Lake location, you just need to flop into the pool.


  • Stage 3 of 3 – Dance near Pleasant Park

We get to the Pleasant Park location and use any emotion.


  • Stage 1 of 4 – Kill opponents with conventional weapons

Normal, this is a gray weapon.

  • Fortnite item color differences

Above is a link where I describe in detail how weapons differ in colors.


  • Stage 2 of 4 – Deal melee damage

Just hit the enemies with a pickaxe!


  • Stage 3 of 4 – Upgrade your weapon

As usual, I improved weapons at the Big Man in the Dirty Docks.

  • How to upgrade weapons in Fortnite

Above is a link to an article on how to improve weapons.


  • Stage 4 of 4 – Destroy the OP guards

Well, the last task for today is to kill 5 guards of the OP, I did this task for two ice rinks in the Mountain Town.

  • Overhead damage in Fortnite

Above is a link to one of the tasks, there is a complete map with the location of all places with guards.