ESL FACEIT Group collaborates with Znipe Esports to develop new streaming platform

ESL FACEIT Group, a renowned global organizer of esports tournaments, has partnered with Znipe Esports, a Swedish streaming technology company, to introduce FACEIT Watch. This groundbreaking streaming platform is exclusively tailored to esports fans, offering an immersive and personalized viewing experience. With FACEIT Watch, viewers can directly stream esports matches through the FACEIT platform, enjoying exceptional features such as multi-perspective views and kill cameras that bring them closer to the action.

The new streaming platform will be free

FACEIT has announced that their new streaming platform, FACEIT Watch, will be available to all users free of charge. This marks a significant departure for FACEIT, as it is their first product that does not directly revolve around gameplay. Similar to popular platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming, FACEIT Watch is the brainchild of a collaboration between ESL FACEIT Group and Znipe Esports, a Swedish company specializing in esports broadcast technology.

Znipe Esports has previously partnered with prominent industry players such as Riot Games and ESL, working on notable projects like Pro View and the Digital Pass. Some features originally developed for the Digital Pass, including individual player streams, have been integrated into FACEIT Watch.

What sets FACEIT Watch apart from other esports streaming platforms are its unique features. Viewers will have the ability to pause and rewind content, access kill cameras (a standout feature in games like Call of Duty), and even customize the volume of casters. Additionally, there will be an option to disable potential spoilers, ensuring a more tailored and immersive viewing experience.

The platform supports CS2 and Apex Legends broadcasts

At present, the platform offers streaming services for CS2 and Apex Legends, attracting a decent viewership during the play-in stage of the IEM Katowice 2024 tournament. However, the viewer numbers are relatively lower compared to its competitors, which is to be expected during this early phase.

Interestingly, BLAST, a direct market competitor to EFG, also runs its own dedicated streaming platform called, providing a similar user experience. It’s worth mentioning that Riot Games, the creators of VALORANT and League of Legends, initially had plans to develop a custom streaming platform but ultimately decided not to pursue the project.

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