ALGS: All changes in team lineups

Professional players and teams in Apex Legends are just as unstable during their offseason as they have been throughout the history of the discipline. It so happens that as soon as the transfer window opens for Apex representatives, true chaos ensues.

ALGS continues year after year, and the only thing that seems constant is the TSM roster and the caster lineup for the season. For every league, the “offseason” factor is simply inevitable, along with the uncertainty of where beloved players will end up. The preparations for the fourth year of ALGS have brought numerous changes, including the exclusion of South America as a regional participant in the Pro League.

Teams that left the ALGS

The following teams left the ALGS at the end of the 2023 season and the beginning of 2024:

  1. iG International
  2. NRG
  3. Invictus Gaming
  4. KCP (Pioneers)
  5. ACEND
  6. Team Singularity
  7. ONIC
  8. FC Destroy
  9. Horizon Union
  10. VEXED

ALGS Free Agents Looking for a Team (LFT)

After a successful three-year LAN history, the professional Apex scene saw an influx of free agents. Most top-level teams were invited to the next season of the Pro League, while other professionals are waiting for a good contract with favorable terms. The list of players is indeed extensive, but I would like to highlight Caprah, who is still without a team.

ALGS Free Agents Looking for Organization (LFO)

The list of invited and qualified teams for the new season of ALGS is filled with organization-less teams seeking financial support from major organizations (LFO). Most of these teams regularly compete in LAN events with Jmw (who won a LAN with Zer0 and Sharky in 2022), dooplex (formerly with Optic Gaming), and Gnaske (a frequent participant in LAN events with KCP).

Teams without organization (NA)

  1. Phoenix Legacy: Sabz_Bear, AlphaDraft, and Kyri.
  2. Secret Formula: Viizay, yubn, and silentHNL.
  3. Ape Gang: Bursty, THaless, and wifi 0.
  4. DNO: dooplex, senoxe, and crust.
  5. Legacy: YanYa, Jaguares, and Neazul.
  6. SKRT: scuwry, Albralelie, and Awakening.
  7. GKS: ChaoticMuch, sauceror, and StayNaughty.
  8. Oversleepers: Voderyy, Charmander, and JP.
  9. Evylution: Euriece, Vudo, and yaztoh.

Teams without an organization (EMEA)

  1. Infinite: AimbotP, KyNerTV, and Kizaron.
  2. Mind: sanka, Yoloo, and Dolgoran.
  3. Vamo Querer: K4shera, Senzz, and PostKiLL.
  4. 40PercentWorse: ShivFPS, Mande, and xeriffer.
  5. Orgless n Hungry: MaTaFe, Unlucky, and KIND4.
  6. LVH: Vaifs, Liphn, and HANZO.
  7. Cybercats: RANCHES, Elonzy, and xaniya.
  8. o7: Gnaske, Naghz, and Amphy.
  9. Cold: Graceful, Jmw, and TylerFPS.
  10. Full English: Noiises, SirDel, and BRYNN.
  11. The Forge: Faenex, JSavageW, and Slayers.
  12. UAIM: Max-Strafe, Artyco, and SANYA.
  13. LCDF: Cyqop, JokeeV2, and zhidan.

Teams without organization (APAC North)

  • Diaz: Cinap, Mansi, and Resh.
  • Meteor: roki, Nemu, and Kuroton.
  • Setouchi Sparks: p1npxn, Shynk, and Hx_てんてん
  • MOZE: wayachang, Datch, and ちこちゃん
  • HAO: wqtagashi, Right, and 5CG.
  • VortexWolf: 983kuma, AochasoN, and Sami.
  • PlayOutside: watage, AiriKannaLoveTi, and Tanpopo.

Unorganized teams (APAC South)

  • Boogie Boarders: Rakiiii, Fussy, and Panayie.
  • wonton dumpling: GuGu, Noname, and Xzz.
  • XNY: Yc, xd, and JR.
  • AGL: QQ, Jacky1, and XX.
  • Team Burger: Prycyy, Sharky, and Wheyorn.
  • Keep Going Gaming: Lanxi, OuOkh, and Bible.
  • Akuma: Crxsadxr, Lymo, and yukoi.
  • Lightning Unicorn: GOPGAPz, Lalab4ng, and J4ckCute.
  • Serenity: Jeskoesk, Legacy, and Buegy.
  • WMFB: Shark, AZu, and LKgodwomen.
  • Kakkoii: Kisanss, BastiaanOZ, and laheemx.
  • NoCredit: SaviourHeavier, VeryCheekyIndeed, and MeXiouSx.
  • God Hand: iDraco, Akwaintance, Yesh_weewoo, and hannzi.
  • OutSide: Noelsang, aflow, and sato_kohai.
  • SWQ: YouL1ng, Dount, and crazycong.

ALGS 4S Membership Changes: North America, Europe, North and South Asia

Due to player rights issues, such as with Nessy and League of Legends, there were several team rosters that remained unconfirmed. However, on January 20th, the exciting first stage of the Pro League group stages officially kicked off. The official confirmation of the rosters came through the Battlefy platform.

ALGS Y4 has seen significant changes in team compositions across different regions. The rumors surrounding teams like Dark Zero, FaZe, Sentinels, and many others have finally been put to rest with official confirmations. Let’s take a look at all the noteworthy roster changes, including the top-tier teams and the new or rebuilt squads that either secured invitations for ALGS Season 4 or fought their way through the first split.

Changes in ALGS (NA) compositions

Native Gaming

  • Arrived: RamBeau and Mamba
  • Left: BulletL and Prophet (became a streamer)

Dark Zero

  • Arrived: Sikezz
  • Left: Xynew


  • Came: Kimchi and Lou
  • Gone: Cody and Lewda


  • Came: Xeratricky and pandxrz
  • Out: Phonyhead, and Frexs


  • In: Orioles
  • Gone: Koyful


  • Came: HisWattson, ImMadness, and Keon.
  • Gone: Xeratricky, pandxrz, and Albralelie.


  • Came: Shooby and zaptoh
  • Out: Dezignful and ChaoticMuch


  • Came: senoxe and crust
  • Gone: Lou and Caprah


  • Arrived: Koyful
  • Out: Sikezz


  • Posted by: CJracked
  • Out: TylerFPS

Meat Lovers

  • Arrived: Awons
  • Gone: zaptoh

Luminosity Gaming

  • Came: Sweetdreams, Slayr, and Fuhhnq.
  • Left: YanYa, Jaguares, and Neazul.


  • Came: iiTzTimmy, Dezignful, and Enemy.
  • Gone: dooplex, Lou, and senoxe.

N9ne Lies

  • Came: DieNastied, Awope and Lazurr.
  • Left: mav and Synaptic

Legacy (ex-LG)

  • Came: YanYa, Jaguares, and Neazul.


  • Came: ChaoticMuch, StayNaughty, and sauceror.

Spacestation Gaming

  • Came: Phonyhead, Frexs, and Xynew.


  • Came: Blinkzr, Akimboh, and Arkology.

Gaimin Gladiators

  • Came: Nano, bigluie, and qzierr.
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