Counter-Strike 2: Premier mode rating explained

Valve finally released a much-anticipated update on August 31 to the CS2 limited test, where they introduced a new Inferno and a new matchmaking system.  

In the upcoming game, the ranking will be divided into two branches: one in the Premier mode, and the other one for each specific map. Many players suppose the Premier mode will from now on be a main matchmaking destination, and there are some solid arguments behind that statement.

CS2 Premier mode rating details

In CS2, players will earn points for winning games in the Premier mode. These points will cause players to climb important positions in the regional seasonal leaderboards. Also, according to Valve this system will be fully transparent, meaning all players can access the points they have accumulated at any time and compare themselves with friends and opponents.

Moreover, the Premier mode will have MR12 format (the same format used in Valorant), where each half will have a maximum of 12 rounds instead of the usual 15 ones. As a result, the team that manages to win 13 rounds will win the map. In case there is a 12-12 draw, a six-round overtime will be played. 

Who will be able to play in CS2 Premier mode?

While some regions were excluded from the CS2 Premier mode in the Regional Rankings, all those players who have their Prime status active will be able to play this game mode. Additionally, Valve revealed there will be nine different leaderboards in the game, and they go as follows.

  • Friends – This leaderboard tracks players on your Friends List.
  • World – the top 1,000 players in the world.
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • China
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America

Premier mode has already been in CS:GO for a few years, and it’s the most competitive and cheat-free environment in the game. In the Premier mode, both teams ban maps from the seven currently in the competitive map pool until one is left, similar to professional matches.

CS2 skill group system details

The current rank system in CS:GO with rankings like Global Elite, Master Guardian, and so on will be transferred to CS2, with some significant changes, though. For those who don’t want to play Prime mode, the competitive system, where you pick which maps you want to play, will still be in the game.

However, in CS2, the pre-existing skill groups will be calculated on a map-by-map basis. Each one of them will have its own skill group. For example, if you play and win a lot on Mirage, you can have Global Elite there, but this rank will be specifically for this map. 

That’s everything we know so far about CS Rating in Counter-Strike 2. As more information is available, we will update this article with the latest details, so stay tuned!