Cheating in CS 2 is completely out of control: The number of dishonest players in the RMR qualifiers has become known

Developers of the Akros anti-cheat system have disclosed the number of dishonest players who have received bans since the start of the open qualifiers for the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 in CS 2. The restrictions have affected over 30 esports athletes.

Since the beginning of the tournament, we have permanently blocked more than 30 cheaters at all events where our protection system will be used. Almost all the software we discovered runs on the hardware level or kernel. We continue to issue bans using automated analysis and review cases as we receive them. Our experience during this tournament taught us one thing: cheating in CS 2 is completely out of control.

Start of open qualifications

The allegations of cheating during the open qualifiers sparked a wave of controversy within the CS:GO community. Many players and fans expressed their frustration at the presence of dishonest tactics, which undermine the integrity of competitive gaming. The incident involving EC Kostroma and their subsequent suspension shed light on the ongoing battle against cheating in esports.

Mikhail “Kane” Blagin’s outspoken criticism of EC Kostroma not only highlighted the issue but also raised questions about the effectiveness of the tournament’s anti-cheat measures. The organizers of the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 are now under increased scrutiny to ensure a fair and level playing field for all participants.

In addition to the cheating controversy, the RMR Open Qualifiers have encountered various technical difficulties. Reports have surfaced regarding server issues, connectivity problems, and delays in match scheduling. These technical hiccups have caused frustration among teams and fans alike, as they disrupt the smooth progression of the tournament.

Despite the challenges faced, teams continue to compete fiercely for the coveted slots in the closed qualifiers. The stakes are high, as success in the closed qualifiers guarantees a chance to compete on the grand stage of the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024. Players are pushing themselves to their limits, aiming for victory and the opportunity to showcase their skills on an international platform.

As the open qualifiers draw to a close, the CS:GO community eagerly anticipates the start of the closed qualifiers. With the hopes of securing a spot in the prestigious tournament, teams are strategizing, analyzing their opponents, and refining their gameplay tactics. The road to the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 is paved with challenges, both on and off the virtual battlefield, but the determination to succeed remains unwavering.

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