Big Changes to Ranked Matches – League of Legends

Are you ready for something new when it comes to ranked matches in League of Legends? Players are in for some truly significant changes, especially for those who are just starting their journey in ranked battles. These are not just minor adjustments — they are serious steps towards making playing Riot’s title more engaging and fair in every aspect.

The gaming community is truly excited about this, and the developers are attentively listening to what players want. They are implementing changes in a way that benefits both newcomers and long-time players alike. So, if you’re considering diving into ranked games, get ready for an entirely new experience!

Brief description of the current rating system

Currently, in order to play ranked games in League of Legends, you need to reach level 30. This rule has been in place for quite some time, but many players believe that it’s not sufficient preparation for the world of ranked matches.

They feel that simply reaching level 30 doesn’t fully prepare you for the challenges and teamwork required in ranked games. Players have been voicing these concerns for a while now, demanding a better way to start their ranked battles.

Riot’s proposed changes and ideas

Riot Games is preparing new and exciting steps for players before they dive into ranked matches. Currently, they are considering requiring players to play several normal matches first, but only with real people. This means that you will gain real experience against other players, rather than just playing against bots. Riot Phroxzon and Riot Iksar, the masterminds behind these ideas, state that it will help determine your skill level when you start playing for ranked points. They believe it is the best way to gauge your abilities.

This translates to fairer matches and a smoother start in ranked games. The goal is to create a balanced playing field where a player’s skill truly matters. All of this is aimed at making ranked games more competitive for everyone.

Feedback from the community and players

Players are actively discussing these new changes, generating a flurry of opinions. Many view it as a positive stride, asserting that it will aid newcomers in gaining a solid foundation before delving into more intense matches.

Nevertheless, there are apprehensions that this might be an excessive measure for those seeking a more casual gaming experience. Some gamers are even proposing their own inventive ideas to enhance this aspect. Overall, there is a vibrant buzz surrounding the quest to make ranked gameplay even more refined and captivating, especially for those eager to elevate their gaming prowess.

Impact on new and existing players

These changes signify a calmer and less stressful start in ranked games for newcomers. By playing normal matches first, they will gain a realistic picture of what to expect. It’s like a warm-up before an important event.

For those already immersed in the ranked experience, this could mean higher-quality matches with teammates and opponents of similar skill levels. It may take some time for everyone to adjust to the new system, but the course is definitely set in the right direction.

What’s next for you?

Discussions regarding the changes in ranked games are still ongoing. Riot Games is still deliberating on when to implement these new rules. They are taking the time to carefully consider and ensure everything is done correctly. League of Legends is constantly evolving, always focused on making the game better for all its players.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for years, these changes demonstrate the game’s continuous growth and improvement. And that is undoubtedly something that brings joy to the LoL community!

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