A new sound has been added for the Kukri knife in CS 2

Valve, the renowned game developer, has recently rolled out a patch for CS 2, much to the excitement of players worldwide. This update comes as a part of their ongoing commitment to providing a seamless gaming experience for the community. The dedicated team of developers has been hard at work, diligently addressing and resolving various bugs and errors that emerged following the initial update in early February 2024.

List of some changes in the update for CS 2 on February 13

  • Players will no longer experience freezing after reconnecting to the server.
  • The performance of the in-game voice chat (VOIP) has been improved, especially when the game is running at a very high FPS rate.
  • Artifacts in the form of rings that could appear on smoke particles have been fixed.
  • An issue that caused some lobby members to be outside the screen when the Warehouse map was set as the main menu background in CS 2 has been resolved.
  • A sound effect for catching the Kukri knife has been added.
  • A sound effect for inspecting the Butterfly knife has been added.
  • The Zeus x27 lightning will no longer pass through players.

Valve made an exciting announcement on February 7, 2024, unveiling a brand-new knife known as the Kukri. Alongside this addition, the developers reintroduced the highly popular “Arms Race” game mode, much to the delight of players. Furthermore, to enhance the gaming experience, Valve introduced the first-ever skin for the Zeus x27, adding a touch of customization and personalization for players wielding this powerful weapon. These updates demonstrate Valve’s dedication to keeping CS 2 fresh and engaging for its devoted community of players.

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