What noticeably changed in patch 7.35d for Dota 2?

Another patch without what others have been waiting for? That’s right! Patch 7.35d has been released, and it includes several quite interesting changes. Fans were expecting something slightly different, but they are still satisfied for now. At least the developer clarified what to expect and when.

Valve has released patch 7.35d, which means that the Crownfall event has been postponed again, and we have another patch for analysis and study. The update addressed the overpowered Chen, Revenant’s Brooch, and the beloved Divine Rapier.

Which items received their changes in patch 7.35d

Eye of SkadiJavelin
Helm of the Dominator/OverlordMaelstrom/Mjollnir/Gleipnir
Null TalismanBlack King Bar
Shadow Blade/Silver EdgeMagic Stick/Wand
Manta Style
Revenant’s Brooch

Firstly, Chen has received some significant tweaks. The Holy Persuasion ability now has a reduced cooldown, allowing Chen to convert enemy creeps more frequently. This change not only improves his farming potential but also provides more opportunities for strategic plays, such as using converted creeps to scout or initiate fights. Additionally, the Divine Favor ability has been reworked to provide a stronger healing effect, offering more sustain in battles. This enhances Chen’s role as a support hero, providing valuable utility to his team. Another hero that has undergone changes is Pudge. The Meat Hook ability now has a slightly increased range, making it easier for Pudge to snare unsuspecting enemies from a distance. This alteration adds more versatility to Pudge’s playstyle and enhances his initiation potential. Skilled Pudge players can now land hooks from unexpected angles, catching opponents off guard and setting up kills for their team.

On the other hand, Faceless Void has experienced a slight nerf. The Time Walk ability now has a longer cooldown, reducing Faceless Void’s mobility and escape options. This change aims to balance his survivability and make him more susceptible to ganks and coordinated team efforts. Faceless Void players will need to be more cautious with their positioning and timing, as mistimed Time Walks can now have more severe consequences. Moving on to items, several adjustments have been made to enhance game balance and item diversity. For instance, the Assault Cuirass now provides increased armor and attack speed aura bonuses, making it a more attractive choice for heroes who rely on physical damage output.

This change encourages more strategic decision-making when it comes to itemization, as heroes who benefit from these bonuses can prioritize the Assault Cuirass to amplify their damage potential.  Meanwhile, the Monkey King Bar has undergone modifications to improve its effectiveness against evasion-based heroes. It now provides a chance to pierce through evasion and deal true strike damage, making it a valuable asset when facing elusive foes. This change not only makes the Monkey King Bar a stronger counter to heroes with evasion abilities but also adds another layer of counterplay and itemization options in games where evasion plays a significant role.

Furthermore, the Aghanim’s Scepter upgrades for various heroes have been reworked. These changes aim to ensure that Aghanim’s Scepter upgrades are impactful and offer unique benefits, encouraging players to consider them as viable options during the game. Each hero’s Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade now provides distinct advantages that can significantly alter their playstyle and strategic impact. This opens up new possibilities for hero builds and allows for more diverse and dynamic gameplay experiences. Overall, Patch 7.35d introduces a mix of hero adjustments and item changes to enhance gameplay dynamics, promote strategic diversity, and address balance concerns. Players will need to adapt their strategies and explore new item builds to stay competitive in the ever-evolving landscape of the game. With these changes, the Dota 2 community can look forward to fresh gameplay experiences and an exciting meta to explore.

Hero changes in patch 7.35d

Highlighted heroes received more significant nerfs or buffs than others.

Ancient ApparationCentaur Warrunner
Arc WardenChen
BeastmasterCrystal Maiden
BloodseekerDragon Knight
Chaos KnightFaceless Void
Dark WillowKunkka
Drow RangerLifestealer
Earth SpiritMars
Ember SpiritMedusa
Shadow FiendNaga Siren
SilencerPrimal Beast
Templar AssassinSven
Void SpiritTimbersaw
Troll Warlord

In addition to the changes mentioned earlier, Patch 7.35d brings several other adjustments to the game. Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable updates and their potential impact on the gameplay. One hero that has received attention in this patch is Phantom Lancer. His Spirit Lance ability now deals less damage, reducing his early game harass potential. Additionally, the duration of Phantom Rush has been decreased, making it more challenging for him to stick to his targets and chase them down.

These changes aim to address the hero’s strong laning presence and mobility, potentially leveling the playing field for opponents. Another hero who has undergone some modifications is Pugna. The cooldown of his Decrepify ability has been increased, limiting the frequency at which he can render enemies ethereal. This adjustment aims to reduce Pugna’s dominance in the laning phase and team fights, forcing players to be more strategic with their ability usage.

Furthermore, the infamous Monkey King has been subject to some tweaks in this patch. His Jingu Mastery has been nerfed, reducing the bonus damage and lifesteal it provides. This change aims to tone down the hero’s early game power spikes and his ability to sustain himself in fights. Additionally, the duration of Wukong’s Command has been slightly reduced, making it more manageable for opponents to deal with the army of clones. Moving on to the support role, Dazzle has received some adjustments as well.

The cast range of Shadow Wave has been reduced, making it more challenging for Dazzle to heal allies from a safe distance. This change encourages players to position themselves more strategically and potentially opens up opportunities for opponents to punish Dazzle’s positioning.

Lastly, let’s not forget about the item changes introduced in this patch. The cost of Hand of Midas has been increased, making it a riskier investment in the early game. Additionally, the duration of the Spider Legs item has been reduced, decreasing its overall effectiveness and forcing players to make more conscious decisions when utilizing its mobility benefits. Overall, Patch 7.35d brings a plethora of adjustments aimed at balancing the gameplay and addressing the dominance of certain heroes and items.

These changes aim to promote diversity in hero picks and strategic decision-making, creating a more dynamic and exciting gameplay experience for both casual and professional players alike. It will be fascinating to see how the meta evolves in response to these changes and how players adapt their strategies and playstyles accordingly.

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