What Does the Battle Royale Preview Entail in MW3 Warzone?

Introducing the Battle Royale Preview in Warzone, a thrilling addition that arrived with the highly anticipated Season 2 update. As the Warzone community eagerly awaited new features and gameplay enhancements, the Battle Royale Preview emerged as one of the most exciting offerings. This new mode brought a fresh twist to the immersive and action-packed world of Warzone, captivating both seasoned players and newcomers alike.

With the Battle Royale Preview, players were in for an adrenaline-fueled experience like never before. The update introduced a range of exciting elements, from innovative gameplay mechanics to dynamic environments, all designed to enhance the intensity and strategic depth of the Battle Royale mode. Whether you were a seasoned veteran or a first-time Warzone participant, the Battle Royale Preview provided an opportunity to immerse yourself in thrilling firefights, epic battles, and heart-pounding moments of survival.

Battle Royale Preview in Warzone explained

The Battle Royale Preview mode offers players a unique and exciting opportunity to explore experimental features that may eventually become part of the standard Battle Royale mode. This limited-time mode serves as a testing ground for new gameplay elements, allowing developers to gather valuable data and gather feedback from the community. Whether you prefer to team up with three other players or play in Quads, the mode is set in the captivating Urzikstan region.

Currently, the Battle Royale Preview mode showcases two innovative features: Covert Exfil and Weapon Case. These features were introduced in the Warzone Season 1 Reloaded update, adding a fresh layer of strategy and excitement to the gameplay. Covert Exfil provides players with a thrilling escape route, allowing them to call in a helicopter that will whisk them and their squad away from the chaos. However, it’s important to note that the opportunity for exfil is limited, with only five available for purchase at buy stations during each match. As the Gulag closes, the chances diminish, and players must consider the hefty price of $30,000 for each exfil.

The introduction of Covert Exfil brings forth a new objective for players – the Weapon Case. At the start of every match, a single weapon case is hidden within a small search area. Finding and securing the case comes with a risk, as it exposes the player to all enemies. However, the potential rewards are significant, as the Weapon Case holds valuable loot that can give players a competitive edge in the battle for victory.

The Battle Royale Preview mode not only provides an opportunity for players to experience these experimental features but also contributes to shaping the future of the game. Evaluating player engagement, gathering feedback, and analyzing data allows the developers to refine and improve the gameplay experience. It’s an exciting time for both players and developers as they collaborate to create an unforgettable Battle Royale experience.

If your squad skillfully executes a Covert Exfil to make a daring getaway or exhibits impressive survival skills by holding onto the weapon case until the match reaches its conclusion, you and your teammates will be rewarded with a range of exclusive prizes. These rewards serve as a testament to your strategic prowess and resilience in the Battle Royale Preview mode. From unique weapon skins and cosmetic items to special in-game currency or experience boosts, the rewards are designed to recognize and celebrate your achievements. So gather your squad, embark on this thrilling adventure, and strive for victory to unlock these coveted rewards that will set you apart as elite warriors in the world of Battle Royale.


New feature in Battle Royale Preview

In the latest patch notes released on February 22nd, the developers have unveiled an exciting addition to the Battle Royale Preview mode, inspired by the positive feedback received from players in the Resurgence mode: Zombie Power Ups.

These thrilling power-ups introduce a whole new dimension of gameplay to the Battle Royale experience. With a total of seven unique Zombie Power Ups available, players can gain a variety of advantages over their adversaries. These advantages include instant armor and ammo replenishment, enhanced movement speed, the ability to track enemy footsteps, and more.

To acquire these powerful enhancements, players simply need to eliminate zombies that roam the battlefield. These undead foes will randomly drop the Zombie Power Ups, adding an element of surprise and strategy to the gameplay. It’s a thrilling race against time and opponents to secure these power-ups and gain the upper hand in combat.

The inclusion of Zombie Power Ups injects an exciting level of unpredictability and intensity into each match. It forces players to not only outsmart and outmaneuver other squads but also contend with the relentless undead. The dynamic nature of these power-ups ensures that every match is a unique experience, as players adapt their strategies and capitalize on the available enhancements.

It’s important to note that the Battle Royale Preview mode featuring Zombie Power Ups will be available for a limited time, until March 7th, 2024. This gives players a dedicated window to explore and master these new gameplay elements, making the most of this thrilling and adrenaline-pumping experience.

So gather your squad, hone your skills, and prepare for intense battles as you navigate the dynamic landscape of the Battle Royale Preview mode, armed with the formidable Zombie Power Ups. It’s time to embrace the challenge, overcome the undead, and emerge victorious in this limited-time mode that pushes the boundaries of strategic gameplay.

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