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The 14th Agent expected to hit VALORANT has been leaked. In a post to reddit from user Retro-Indietro, the latest character and their abilities are revealed via a video. In addition to that, the exact description of the abilities is also provided.

A character that is clearly built around the idea of deceiving your opponents, Agent 14 looks to be officially named Yoru according to the leak.

Agent 14 Leak Full Video! from r/VALORANT

With the next update expected on January 12th, 2021 we could see the truth of this leak relatively soon.

In terms of Yoru’s abilities, it seems he’ll be able to misdirect his opponents with footstep sounds which is a very new and unique approach to an Agent. In addition he’ll possess a flash ability which will only go off when it connects with a surface. Another unique ability joining the fray will be his C ability which will allow him to place an anchor portal and then send another portal out somewhere else, allowing transportation from one spot to another.

His ultimate is drawing a lot of attention as well as it states in the leaked description that he will be able to turn invisible and invulnerable for a period of time.

All Agent 14 abilities as leaked (and translated by /u/kuroi_kaze):

  • Z ⁠— Creates steps sound. Press ‘Fire’ to send it ahead, or pre-place it with ‘Alt-Fire,’ then press ‘F’ to send inactive one ahead.
  • X ⁠— Flash. Press ‘Fire’ to throw it, it will pop after contacting with surface.
  • C ⁠— Press ability button to place Portal, press ‘Fire’ to send Portal ahead, anchor Portal with ‘Alt-Fire.’ Press active to teleport through the Portal.
  • Q (Ultimate) ⁠— Press ‘Fire’ to become invisible to enemies, and invulnerable.

Photo: Riot Games

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