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The VALORANT closed beta will begin on April 7th at 2 p.m. CET/6 a.m. PST Riot Games has announced. The first step of the beta will only be available to those in North America and Europe with “more regions to come” as Riot deploys “server infrastructure.”

These are the countries that will be able to access the beta upon launch: Europe, Canada, United States, Turkey, Russia and CIS countries

Those interested in jumping into the action will need to follow the steps provided by Riot listed below:

If you are in the above regions, follow these steps.

  1. Register for a Riot account
  2. Link your Riot account to a Twitch account (you can get one here)
  3. When closed beta activates in your region (EU and NA for now), watch specific VALORANT closed beta streams highlighted on Twitch.

Please note that the number of players we let in is based on our current server capacity. We encourage everyone to register and we’ll let more people in as we are able. Player count will ramp up based on timelines for when we can activate more regional servers.

The 5v5 competitive first-person shooter has been highly anticipated since more concrete leaks of its existence began to appear months ago.

The announcement also contains some other frequently asked questions which can be read below:

“Does my closed beta progress carry over to launch?

No. VALORANT’s current gameplay state may very well change come launch, and it’s better that everyone’s progress begins at the same starting line.

How long will this Closed Beta last?

We’re still aiming for our launch date of Summer 2020 (a little unspecific, we know), and want to keep closed beta as short as we can while getting additional regions online. That said, if we hear a lot of unexpected feedback from players during this period, we’ll reevaluate.

What happens to the VALORANT Points I purchase during the Closed Beta?

At full launch, we will give you all of your VALORANT Points back, with an additional 20% bonus as a thanks for engaging with our work-in-progress skins and store. Here’s an example: if you buy 10000 VALORANT Points during the closed beta, you will have 12000 VALORANT Points at launch (this bonus applies even to the bundled bonus for purchasing larger amounts).

The Store and pricing details are still very much a work-in-progress and don’t reflect what will be available at launch.”

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