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A new bug has been discovered in VALORANT and it’s definitely one of the more interesting we’ve seen yet. A Reddit user by the name of Parkslider posted an experience he had whilst playing a game of VALORANT on Split in which the bug surfaced.

While taking the B site the team’s Phoenix attempted to gain some more ground without risking too much by utilizing his ultimate ability. When a Phoenix uses his ultimate, it leaves a glowing spot on the ground where he popped it to showcase where he’ll be teleporting back to. It appears that is NOT where you want to plant the spike.

The team’s Sage then went to plant the spike in the same position and as the spike went down, the Phoenix reappeared, trapping the Sage inside of the Phoenix.

This is clearly not an intended feature and the video has already drawn out a response with Riot_Giraffey thanking the user for reporting the bug and with “such a clear repro.”


This will probably see a relatively quick fix and luckily isn’t something that should happen all too often. For now though, try not to plant the spike where your Phoenix may reappear, eh?

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