Top Icebox Sentinels for Map Control

Icebox poses a real challenge for players due to its multi-tiered structure and intricate network of pathways. The map rewards skilled aimers with its long sightlines. However, defense on Icebox requires more than just sharpshooting. To effectively hold the sites, it’s crucial to select the optimal sentinel agents. Sentinels specialize in defensive play, offering support to the team through information gathering, site anchoring, and flank prevention. Given the map’s size, having reliable sentinels is essential for a strong defense.

In this VPEsports guide, we’ll explore the top sentinel agents and their strategic nuances on Icebox. It’s not uncommon to see teams opt for a double-sentinel composition on this map.

The best sentinels on Icebox to anchor with


Killjoy undoubtedly reigns supreme as one of the most formidable sentinels on Icebox, making her a standout choice among players. Her unique combination of abilities, including Nanoswarms and Alarmbot, grants her unparalleled control over the map. When strategically positioned at key choke points, these tools become a deadly force, melting down unsuspecting enemies and disrupting their plans. The Nanoswarms not only serve as a deterrent to spike planting but also excel at flushing out opponents from hidden corners during offensive maneuvers. Additionally, their versatility shines during post-plant scenarios, providing invaluable support to the team.

However, it is Killjoy’s ultimate ability, Lockdown, that truly sets her apart on Icebox. This powerful tool can single-handedly turn the tide of battle, both in offensive and defensive situations. By detaining any adversaries caught within its range, Killjoy’s Lockdown offers unparalleled crowd control capabilities. This makes it not only an exceptional tool for retaking sites but also a viable option for initiating aggressive pushes. To counter the Lockdown, opponents must rely on well-timed and coordinated efforts, such as deploying Brimstone’s Orbital Strike or Sova’s Hunter’s Fury, forcing Killjoy’s adversaries to strategically utilize their own post-plant ultimates to neutralize the threat.

Killjoy’s dominance is not limited to mere theorycrafting; she has proven her worth time and time again in the competitive realm. Even prior to the surge of the Chamber-meta and subsequent balance adjustments, Killjoy has consistently been a top pick among professional players on Icebox. Her exceptional kit and strategic value make her an indispensable asset for any team aiming to secure victory on this challenging map.


Sage is not just a mere healer; she embodies the essence of support and resilience on the Icebox map. Her versatile skill set and strategic prowess make her an invaluable asset to any team aiming for victory. With her ability to heal and resurrect teammates, Sage ensures that her squad stays in optimal condition and maintains a numerical advantage throughout the match.

On Icebox, where the pace of the gameplay can be intense and unforgiving, Sage’s healing abilities become even more crucial. The Outlaw’s devastating body shot damage underscores the need for a reliable healer who can quickly restore the health of injured teammates. With a single touch, Sage can bring her allies back to full health, ensuring they are ready to face any challenge that comes their way.

Sage’s Barrier Orb is a game-changer on both offense and defense. By strategically placing barriers in key areas of the map, such as the mid-tube, Sage can effectively block off crucial sightlines and create safe zones for her team. This ability not only aids in controlling the flow of the game but also facilitates successful spike planting by denying opponents access to key angles. Additionally, Sage’s Slow Orbs can impede enemy advances, slowing down their progress and providing valuable time for her team to react and strategize.

However, it is Sage’s ultimate ability, Resurrection, that truly sets her apart. With a well-timed resurrection, Sage can bring fallen teammates back into the fray, tipping the scales in her team’s favor. This powerful ability can turn the tides of a round and give her team a second chance at victory. When combined with another sentinel agent like Killjoy, Sage’s resurrection becomes even more potent, as the team benefits from both defensive utility and the ability to revive fallen allies.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Icebox, Sage has proven her worth time and time again. Her healing capabilities, barrier placement, and resurrection power make her an indispensable force on this challenging map. Whether she’s supporting the team’s offense or anchoring their defense, Sage’s presence brings a sense of stability and reassurance, making her a top pick for Icebox and a reliable teammate in the heat of battle.


Chamber, the sharpshooting specialist hailing from France, once held a prominent position in the metagame across various maps, including the challenging terrain of Icebox. However, his dominance was curtailed by a series of nerfs aimed at balancing his abilities. Despite these adjustments, Chamber’s presence in a team composition can still yield remarkable advantages, primarily due to the sheer firepower his kit provides.

One of Chamber’s standout abilities is Rendezvous, which proves invaluable in securing crucial opening kills, both in defensive and offensive scenarios. This versatile tool enables him to scout for vulnerable opponents and deliver lethal precision shots, setting the stage for his team’s success. Furthermore, his Trademark ability, while limited in range, serves as an exceptional reconnaissance asset, allowing Chamber to passively hold vital choke points and gather valuable intel.

The sprawling landscape of Icebox, with its elongated sightlines, plays to Chamber’s strengths. Armed with the Headhunter pistol, complete with zoomed scopes, he excels in long-range engagements, picking off adversaries with lethal precision. His ultimate ability, a resplendent golden Operator sniper rifle, further amplifies his long-distance prowess, making him an unrivaled force to be reckoned with. Chamber’s playstyle is particularly suited for those who adopt an aggressive anchoring approach, as he can swiftly secure opening eliminations and tactically evade counterattacks.

Despite the balancing adjustments he has undergone, Chamber remains a formidable choice, capable of delivering impactful performances on the battlefield. The formidable firepower encapsulated within his kit, combined with his ability to secure vital eliminations and evade reprisals, cements his status as a potent force. Players who can master Chamber’s unique skill set will discover a wealth of opportunities to contribute to their team’s success, even on the challenging terrain of Icebox.


While Cypher may not be the first choice for many players on Icebox, his role as a sentinel agent cannot be overlooked. Despite lower pick rates, he brings a unique set of skills to the table that can make a significant impact on the outcome of a match.

Cypher’s camera is a versatile tool that allows him to gather crucial information and clear angles. By strategically placing his camera, he can provide valuable intel to his team, aiding in both defensive setups and aggressive pushes. Additionally, his camera can be instrumental in facilitating successful retakes by giving his team a clear picture of enemy positions and movements.

One of the standout features of Cypher’s kit is his tripwires. These traps are not only pesky for opponents, but they also provide valuable map control and early warning systems. With the recent changes, where they can no longer be easily disabled by abilities like Jett’s dash or Raze’s satchel, Cypher’s tripwires have become even more effective in deterring enemy advances and gathering information.

Cypher’s cyber-cages are another aspect of his kit that shouldn’t be underestimated. These short-term smokes can be strategically deployed to create temporary barriers and obscure enemy vision. A skilled Cypher player can use these cyber-cages to play around on site, anchoring positions and buying time for rotations to come in from teammates.

Last but not least, Cypher’s ultimate ability is a game-changer. With its six-point cost, it provides instant information about the whereabouts of enemy players, allowing for quick decision-making and potentially turning the tide of a round. The power of this ultimate cannot be overstated, as it provides a significant advantage in terms of map control and enables the team to make informed plays.

While Cypher may not be the most popular choice on Icebox, his unique abilities and strategic utility make him a valuable asset in the right hands. Skilled Cypher players can utilize his surveillance tools and disruptive traps to gather information, control the battlefield, and create opportunities for their team. Mastering Cypher’s kit and understanding its potential can turn him into a force to be reckoned with, even in the challenging environment of Icebox.

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