Top 1 ladder in CS 2 banned for cheats – New system for preventing suspicious hits

Insider and data miner Maxim “Gabe Follower” Poletaev brought attention to an incident that has sparked numerous questions and discussions within the gaming community. This particular episode involved a highly skilled player who held an impressive 33.8 thousand Elo points and boasted an outstanding win rate of 94.74%. Unfortunately, this player fell victim to a widespread ban wave that recently swept through CS 2.

Poletaev revealed that the bans specifically targeted players who were utilizing cheats equipped with features to disable the scatter effect. While Valve, the game developer, has yet to issue an official statement regarding this ban wave, Poletaev shed light on the system employed by the developers to identify unfair gameplay. In this article, we will delve into the specifics of this incident and explore its ramifications within the gaming community.

Valve banned Top 1 ladder in CS 2

Valve, the game developer, issued a ban to the player who held the top spot on the European ladder in CS 2. This caught the attention of insider and dataminer Maxim “Gabe Follower” Poletaev.

The gamer had achieved a rating of 33.8k Elo with 72 victories and an impressive win rate of 94.74%. Mirage was the player’s best map as the former top-ranked player. In the night of January 4th, a large wave of bans swept through CS 2. According to Poletaev, the restrictions targeted players who were using cheats that included features to disable recoil.

Valve has not officially announced the ban wave. Poletaev also stated that the developers employed a system called “anti-suspicion hit prevention” to identify dishonest players. He provided detailed information about this tool in December.

A system for preventing suspicious hits may be added to CS 2

Valve is currently working on a system to prevent suspicious hits in CS 2, as indicated by references found in the game files. This information was shared by dataminer Maxim “Gabe Follower” Poletaev. It is likely that this is a new method that will be triggered when detecting suspicious players.

“What to do with suspicious hits? 0: Nothing. 1: Skip the bullet. 2: Skip the bullet and recalculate a new bullet. Maxim Gabe Follower Poletaev”

This innovation may potentially become part of the VACnet anti-cheat system. However, Valve has not yet disclosed their plans regarding the development of such a system.

Previously, Gabe Follower speculated that the developers might add Train to CS 2. This suggestion is supported by updated textures that have appeared in the game files. Additionally, Valve briefly showcased the map in one of their trailers.

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