The premier duelists for instant selection at Sunset

Duelists play a pivotal role in the realm of agent lineups, assuming the responsibility of spearheading the charge. Equipped with a repertoire of abilities tailored for an aggressive playstyle, these agents hold immense significance in securing those all-important entry frags, effectively clearing paths for their teammates to follow suit. When it comes to Sunset, a map heavily reliant on the strategic contributions of duelists, their presence becomes paramount in generating opportunities for success. It is imperative to include a duelist within your agent composition who possesses explosive abilities and exceptional skills enabling swift traversal across the map. Sunset’s dynamic landscape demands adaptability and quick thinking. A proficient duelist can swiftly maneuver through its intricate corridors, gaining a tactical advantage over opponents and creating openings for their team.

The ability to engage in decisive duels and emerge victorious is a defining characteristic of these elite duelists. Moreover, the best duelists on Sunset exhibit exceptional mastery over their unique set of abilities, utilizing them to disrupt enemy strategies, control key areas, and turn the tide of battles in their team’s favor. Their presence instills confidence and serves as a catalyst for efficient teamwork. The inclusion of top-tier duelists in your Sunset agent comp is instrumental. Their aggressive playstyle, combined with their ability to secure crucial frags and create opportunities, sets the stage for victory. Optimize your chances of success by selecting duelists who possess the necessary skills and explosive capabilities to dominate the Sunset battlefield.

Duelist Rankings: Unveiling Sunset’s Finest


Yoru, the elusive infiltrator of the Sunset map, is a wildcard character who thrives on capitalizing on the numerous openings and opportunities presented by the terrain. With his unique set of abilities, Yoru can disrupt defenders and execute flanking maneuvers with precision and style. One of Yoru’s key abilities is Blindside, which unleashes a flash that disorients and blinds enemies. This creates valuable moments for Yoru to swiftly eliminate opponents caught off guard. By utilizing Blindside strategically, Yoru can create chaos and confusion among defenders, opening up avenues for his team to gain the upper hand. Yoru’s Fakeout ability adds another layer of deception to his gameplay. By deploying decoy footsteps and sounds, Yoru can divert the attention of his adversaries, forcing them to question his true position. This not only creates opportunities for Yoru to strike from unexpected angles but also adds an element of psychological warfare to his playstyle. The Dimensional Drift is Yoru’s ultimate ability, granting him the power to enter a dimension where he becomes undetectable and invulnerable. During this time, Yoru can scout enemy locations and relay crucial information to his team. This ability is not only useful for reconnaissance but also allows Yoru to create pressure and paranoia among defenders, as they must constantly be wary of his potential teleportation back to his Gatecrash orb or his emergence from behind enemy lines.

When playing Yoru on the attack, a strategic approach is essential. For example, positioning Yoru’s Gatecrash ability towards the top of Mid tiles provides an advantageous starting point for his flanking maneuvers. By combining Fakeout and Blindside, directed towards the Mid top area, Yoru can disorient defenders and catch them off guard. Activating Gatecrash at the right moment further amplifies the element of surprise, allowing Yoru to quickly dispatch unsuspecting foes. To enhance the effectiveness of Yoru’s flanking strategies and increase the chances of taking control of the Mid area, synergy with initiator agents can be valuable. For instance, coordinating Yoru’s teleportation with Sova’s Owl Drone or Skye’s Trailblazer can create a powerful combination. The drone or the Trailblazer acts as a scout, revealing the positions of defenders and forcing them to retreat, while Yoru seizes the opportunity to strike. This coordinated attack can effectively split the defenders’ attention and pave the way for a successful push to either the A or B site. Mastering Yoru’s abilities requires practice, map awareness, and a keen understanding of enemy behavior. The element of surprise is Yoru’s greatest asset, and players who can effectively exploit this advantage will find themselves dominating the battlefield on Sunset. However, it is important to note that Yoru’s playstyle heavily relies on unpredictability and adaptability. Being too predictable or falling into patterns can diminish the impact of his abilities, so it is crucial to constantly vary strategies and keep opponents guessing. Yoru’s unique toolkit makes him an exceptional duelist on the Sunset map. With the ability to disorient, deceive, and infiltrate enemy lines, Yoru brings an element of unpredictability and chaos to the battlefield. By mastering his abilities and employing strategic flanking maneuvers, players can unleash Yoru’s full potential and become a formidable force on Sunset.


Phoenix, the fiery duelist of Sunset, possesses a versatile array of agent abilities that make him a force to be reckoned with. His Curveball flash and Blaze wall smoke prove invaluable in clearing corners and obstructing enemy sightlines, providing crucial entry opportunities for his team. Curveball is a versatile flashbang ability that can be angled to blind opponents effectively. Phoenix can use it to his advantage by bouncing it off walls or around corners, catching enemies off guard and disorienting them. This allows him and his teammates to swiftly push into contested areas, gaining a crucial advantage in engagements. Blaze, on the other hand, is Phoenix’s signature smoke ability. It creates a wall of fire that not only blocks enemy vision but also deals damage to anyone passing through it. This smoke can be used strategically to cut off sightlines, deny access to certain areas, or force opponents to reposition. Additionally, Phoenix can use Blaze to create a safe passage for himself or his teammates, allowing for aggressive pushes or retakes. One of Phoenix’s standout abilities is Hot Hands, a molotov-like projectile that explodes upon impact, creating a damaging fire zone. This ability is particularly effective at clearing close-quarters areas or forcing opponents out of cover. By utilizing Hot Hands to flush out defenders or deny them access to key positions, Phoenix can create opportunities for himself and his team to secure kills and gain map control.

However, Phoenix’s most potent tool in his agent kit is his ultimate ability, Run it Back. Upon activation, Phoenix enters a state of “immortality,” meaning that if he is killed during this time, he will respawn at his original location after a brief delay. This ultimate not only provides Phoenix with a second chance but also puts immense pressure on defenders. They must either eliminate him twice or exhaust their abilities during his initial entry attempt, creating a significant advantage for Phoenix and his team. The versatility and strategic value of Phoenix’s abilities make him a highly effective duelist on the Sunset map. His flash and smoke abilities can be combined to create devastating plays. For example, he can use Curveball to blind opponents while simultaneously deploying Blaze to block their vision. This combination not only disorients defenders but also denies them the ability to retaliate effectively. To maximize Phoenix’s impact on Sunset, players should be mindful of their positioning and timing. Utilize Curveball and Blaze in conjunction with teammates’ utility to create synchronized pushes and catch opponents off guard. Additionally, communication with the team is crucial when using Run it Back. Coordinate with teammates to ensure they are ready to capitalize on the distraction created by Phoenix’s resurrection. It’s important to note that while Phoenix’s abilities provide him with a strong individual presence, teamwork and coordination are essential for achieving success on Sunset. Coordinate with your team to create synergistic plays, such as combining Phoenix’s smokes with a controller agent’s abilities to establish map control and execute strategic maneuvers. Phoenix’s fiery agent abilities make him a versatile and impactful duelist on the Sunset map. His Curveball flash and Blaze wall smoke can effectively clear corners and obstruct sightlines, opening up entry opportunities for himself and his team. Combined with his Hot Hands molly and the disruptive power of Run it Back, Phoenix becomes a formidable force to be reckoned with. Master the art of utilizing his abilities in tandem with your team’s strategy, and dominate the Sunset map with the fiery prowess of Phoenix.


Neon, with her unique blend of mobility and utility, emerges as a compelling and versatile choice for navigating the dynamic landscape of Sunset. Her arsenal of abilities enables her to disrupt enemy lines of sight, provide cover for her team, and outmaneuver opponents with exceptional speed. A standout ability in Neon’s repertoire is Fastlane, her wall smoke. This utility not only obscures vision but also creates strategic cover for her team. By deploying Fastlane at key chokepoints or contested areas, Neon can effectively disrupt enemy sightlines and create opportunities for her team to advance or defend with greater confidence. The ability to control the battlefield through well-placed smokes is a hallmark of Neon’s effectiveness. However, Neon’s true strength lies in her unparalleled mobility, thanks to her High Gear sprint. This ability allows her to traverse the map swiftly, granting her a significant advantage in terms of positioning and surprise attacks. Neon can capitalize on her speed to flank opponents, catch them off guard, and create chaos within enemy lines. Her agile movements make her a formidable threat in engagements, as she can quickly close the gap or retreat when needed. While Neon’s abilities may not be specifically designed for corner clearing, her mobility and utility still make her a force to be reckoned with. She excels at covering ground rapidly, making her an excellent choice for traversing large areas of the map and catching opponents who are slow to retreat. Neon’s ability to outmaneuver her adversaries provides her with a distinct advantage, allowing her to dictate the pace of engagements and exploit openings in the enemy’s defense.

To further enhance her effectiveness, Neon synergizes exceptionally well with initiator agents such as Sova, Fade, or other agents with disruptive abilities. By combining her toolkit with the reconnaissance provided by Sova’s Recon Bolt or Owl Drone, or the distractions created by Fade’s Haunt or Prowler, Neon can catch defenders off guard and capitalize on their momentary vulnerability. The coordination between Neon and her teammates amplifies her impact on the battlefield, making her an integral part of a well-rounded team composition. Sunset’s layout is particularly conducive to Neon’s playstyle, as her exceptional mobility allows her to take full advantage of the map’s terrain and shortcuts. By developing a keen sense of map awareness, Neon players can navigate the environment effectively, utilizing the terrain to flank opponents and disrupt their defensive formations. This strategic positioning creates opportunities for surprise attacks, map control, and overall dominance on the battlefield. To maximize Neon’s potential, players must master her mobility, develop a deep understanding of the map’s layout, and leverage her utility in conjunction with effective team communication. Coordination and synergy with teammates are key to capitalizing on Neon’s flanking abilities and creating impactful engagements. Neon’s unique blend of mobility and utility grants her a prominent role in the ever-evolving landscape of Sunset. Her Fastlane smoke disrupts enemy lines of sight and provides cover for her team, while her High Gear sprint allows her to traverse the map with unmatched speed. By utilizing her mobility and strategic smokes, Neon can outmaneuver opponents, catch them off guard, and control the pace of engagements. Embrace Neon’s agility and versatility, and conquer Sunset with your swift and calculated maneuvers.


Jett mains on the Sunset map must adapt their playstyle to maximize the duelist’s effectiveness through coordinated attacks and strategic positioning. With her unique abilities, Jett can disrupt the enemy team’s line of sight, create entry points for her team, surprise defenders, and excel as an Operator user. Jett’s Cloudburst smokes are a vital tool for obstructing the enemy team’s vision. By strategically deploying these smokes, Jett can create cover and disrupt the opponent’s ability to spot her team’s movements. This enables coordinated attacks and provides opportunities for strategic positioning. Jett mains should focus on mastering the art of smoke placement to control the battlefield and gain an advantage in engagements. Another key ability in Jett’s arsenal is her Tailwind dash. This ability allows her to quickly dash past enemy utility and gain entry to key areas on the A and B sites of Sunset. By using Tailwind effectively, Jett can breach enemy lines, catch defenders off guard, and open up opportunities for her team to secure objectives. Coordinated attacks that utilize Jett’s dash can be incredibly impactful in overwhelming the enemy team and securing crucial map control. Jett’s Blade Storm ultimate, when combined with Updraft, becomes a potent tool for surprising defenders and creating unique sightlines. This combination allows Jett to take advantage of verticality, gaining access to positions that other duelists cannot reach.

By utilizing Blade Storm and Updraft effectively, Jett can create advantageous angles of attack, making her a dangerous threat to defenders. Jett mains should practice the art of vertical gameplay, mastering the timing and positioning required to maximize the effectiveness of this deadly combo. Despite the presence of other duelists, Jett remains a viable choice for Sunset due to her proficiency as an Operator user. Her agent abilities complement the long-range precision of the Operator, making her a formidable sniper. With her mobility and ability to quickly reposition, Jett can capitalize on opportunities and secure crucial picks with the Operator. Jett mains should leverage her unique abilities in conjunction with the Operator to dominate long-range engagements and control key areas of the map. To succeed with Jett on Sunset, teamwork and communication are essential. Jett mains should coordinate with their teammates, sharing information and strategies to execute coordinated attacks and capitalize on Jett’s disruptive abilities. Effective communication enables the team to make the most of Jett’s smoke placements, dashes, and surprise attacks, leading to a higher chance of success. Jett mains on the Sunset map should adapt their playstyle to prioritize coordinated attacks and strategic positioning. By utilizing Jett’s Cloudburst smokes and Tailwind dash effectively, they can disrupt the enemy team’s vision and gain entry to key areas. The combination of Jett’s Blade Storm ultimate and Updraft provides her with unique sightlines and surprise opportunities. Furthermore, Jett’s proficiency as an Operator user adds to her viability on Sunset. By mastering Jett’s abilities and fostering effective teamwork, Jett mains can unleash her full potential and become a dominant force on the Sunset map.


Raze’s exceptional explosiveness sets her apart as the ultimate duelist on the Sunset map. With her arsenal of powerful abilities, she becomes a force to be reckoned with, disrupting defensive strategies and creating ample opportunities for her team to seize control. One of Raze’s standout abilities is Paint Shells. These explosive projectiles have the remarkable capability to dislodge enemies from entrenched positions. By raining down a barrage of Paint Shells, Raze can force defenders to abandon their fortified spots, making it exceedingly challenging for them to hold their ground. This ability not only inflicts damage but also creates chaos and confusion among the opposing team, opening up avenues for her teammates to advance and assert dominance. In addition to Paint Shells, Raze’s Boom Bot serves as a formidable tool for reconnaissance and pressure. This explosive robotic companion can venture into tight spaces, scouting for defenders and revealing their locations. By deploying the Boom Bot strategically, Raze gains valuable intel, enabling her team to make informed decisions and mount targeted offensives. The presence of the Boom Bot alone adds an extra layer of pressure on the opposition, forcing them to divert their attention and resources to counter this relentless mechanical threat. Raze’s mobility is another key aspect that makes her a force to be reckoned with on Sunset. Her Blast Pack satchels provide her with the ability to cover significant distances swiftly. This mobility advantage allows her to traverse the map with ease, catching opponents off guard and swiftly repositioning herself to gain a tactical advantage. Whether it’s flanking the enemy or quickly regrouping with her team, Raze’s Blast Pack grants her unparalleled speed and maneuverability, making her a constant threat that can strike from unexpected angles.

When it comes to ultimate abilities, Raze’s Showstopper stands out as a game-changer on the Sunset map. With its explosive power, Showstopper has the potential to yield multiple kills, especially in the numerous narrow choke points present on the map. Raze can unleash this devastating ultimate, causing havoc among defenders and decimating their ranks. The fear of facing Raze’s Showstopper alone can disrupt the enemy’s defensive formations, forcing them into a defensive posture and creating opportunities for her team to seize control of crucial areas. Overall, Raze’s skill set excels in disrupting defensive setups and creating opportunities for her team to assert dominance on the Sunset map. Her explosive abilities, combined with her scouting proficiency and remarkable mobility, make her an unrivaled duelist. However, it’s important to note that Raze’s effectiveness is maximized when she is supported by a cohesive team. Communication, coordination, and strategic positioning play crucial roles in fully capitalizing on Raze’s strengths. By working together, the team can synchronize their efforts, utilize Raze’s disruptive abilities to their full potential, and emerge victorious on the Sunset battlefield. Raze’s unrivaled explosiveness, scouting capabilities, mobility, and devastating ultimate make her the ultimate duelist on the Sunset map. Her ability to disrupt defenses, scout enemy positions, swiftly traverse the map, and unleash explosive attacks provides her team with a significant advantage. With effective teamwork and strategic coordination, Raze can become a game-changer, leading her team to victory on the Sunset map.

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