The IOC plans to organize the world’s first eSports Olympics

The world's first eSports Olympics

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is exploring plans to create Olympic Games for esports, according to a statement made by IOC President Thomas Bach at the opening ceremony of the 141st Committee session held in Mumbai, India.

Bach noted that around the world, 3 billion people play computer games, and according to IOC estimates, over 500 million of them are specifically interested in esports, which includes virtual sports and sports simulations. The majority of these individuals are under the age of 34.

I have asked our new IOC esports commission to study the creation of Olympic Games for esports, said the Committee President.

Olympic Games in eSports

Since 2018, the IOC has wholeheartedly embraced the world of esports. As stated by Bach, the Committee has chosen a path that enables them to actively participate in the esports realm, all the while staying true to our cherished values that have guided us for more than a century.

“When it comes to esports, our values remain an unwavering line that we will not cross. Our crystal-clear stance is gaining increasing respect within the esports community. In fact, one of the leading publishers has even adapted their popular game to fully align with our Olympic values—ensuring that players shoot at targets rather than individuals.”

Following the Cyber Sport Forum held in Lausanne in 2018, the IOC established the Esports Liaison Group—a platform for engaging with all stakeholders in the esports community. In 2021, the Committee developed the Olympic Esports Series—a pioneering project by the IOC in the field of esports.

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