The initial glimpse of the revamped Skarner has surfaced. It appears that the launch will take place in patch 13.7 for League of Legends

Riot Games has recently revealed an exciting teaser for the highly anticipated redesigned version of Skarner in League of Legends. The captivating character art has generated significant buzz across various social media platforms, capturing the attention of avid fans of the widely popular MOBA game. While it remains to be confirmed, speculations suggest that this stunning artwork could potentially serve as the new splash art for Skarner’s base appearance, showcasing a visually stunning and refreshed design.

Interestingly, keen observers have noted that the teaser art features striking red undertones, a departure from Skarner’s previous color scheme in gameplay footage. This intriguing visual choice has sparked curiosity and speculation among the player community, igniting discussions about possible thematic and lore-related implications. Furthermore, it is highly likely that this captivating illustration will be prominently featured in the “Universe” section of the League of Legends website, offering players a deeper dive into the captivating history and origin story of Skarner as a character.

Riot Games Teases Skarner’s Redesign in League of Legends

Riot Games has a longstanding tradition of building excitement among players by releasing teasers for upcoming champions prior to their official release on the testing server. This practice allows players to catch a glimpse of the new champion’s abilities, lore, and overall design before they are made available for testing. In the case of Skarner, players can expect to see him make his debut on the testing server after March 20th, coinciding with the start of the patch 13.7 testing phase. Following a successful testing period, Skarner’s release in the main client is scheduled for April 3rd. Skarner’s journey as a champion rework has been a lengthy one, spanning several months of development. Riot Games first announced their plans to rework Skarner on February 4th, 2022. This announcement came after Skarner emerged victorious in a user vote, where players had the opportunity to voice their preference for which champion they wanted to see receive a rework. Since then, Riot Games has been diligently working on transforming Skarner into a more engaging and balanced champion.

To give players a taste of what’s to come, Riot Games unveiled Skarner’s gameplay in a captivating Season 14 opening video. This video showcases Skarner’s updated abilities, animations, and visual effects, providing players with a glimpse of the champion’s revamped playstyle. Fans of Skarner and those curious about his rework can watch the video below to witness the exciting changes that await them in the game. As the release date approaches, anticipation is building among the League of Legends community. Players are eagerly counting down the days until they can experience Skarner’s reimagined gameplay and witness how his updated kit will impact the meta. With Riot Games’ commitment to delivering high-quality champion updates, fans can rest assured that Skarner’s arrival will be accompanied by a host of exciting balance changes and improvements.

In summary, Riot Games is set to release teasers for Skarner, their latest champion rework, prior to his arrival on the testing server. After a period of testing, Skarner is scheduled for release in the main client on April 3rd. The journey of Skarner’s rework began in February 2022 and has been eagerly anticipated by players. The Season 14 opening video offers a sneak peek into Skarner’s updated gameplay, generating excitement and curiosity within the League of Legends community.

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