TenZ and Kyedae’s Duo Queue Dream: A Perfect Valentine’s Day Tale

Sentinels’ star duelist, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, spent a considerable amount of time engaging in solo queue matches throughout 2022.

His fiancée, Kyedae “Kyedae” Shymko, who is a popular streamer and content creator, recently revealed the genuine reason that touched the hearts of their fans. During one of his streams, TenZ openly expressed his personal affinity for playing solo, stating, Perhaps it’s a peculiar preference, but I genuinely enjoy solo queueing. It’s something I do in any game I play, be it Valorant or League of Legends.

The Heartwarming Reason Behind TenZ’s Recent Solo Queueing Revealed by Kyedae

But as any competitive gamer knows, solo queuing can be a source of frustration, which TenZ openly acknowledged. “I don’t even know how I manage to consistently solo queue without getting mentally drained, but there’s something about being in my own little world that I find enjoyable,” he reflected. However, there is a more significant reason behind TenZ’s preference for playing solo in Valorant.

While discussing their ranking goals for 2022, Kyedae delighted her Twitch viewers by revealing a heartfelt reason why her boyfriend has been choosing to solo queue. Since the early stages of his Valorant career, TenZ has taken it upon himself to teach Kyedae how to play the game.

When they’re not playing together in a Valorant server, this couple can be found on Kyedae’s cooking show, where TenZ eagerly learns how to prepare and cook dishes from scratch. Additionally, TenZ previously relocated to Los Angeles to be closer to his girlfriend, who was based at the 100 Thieves cash app compound.

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