Team BDS player kicked out due to toxicity

Despite being eliminated from the LEC 2024 (Winter) playoffs, Team BDS managed to capture the attention of the European scene. This came after they made the decision to exclude their top laner, Adam, from the starting lineup ahead of their crucial match against MAD Lions KOI.

According to reports, the 22-year-old player was removed from the starting roster due to behavioral issues and toxicity towards both teammates and BDS staff. Journalist Sander Hove stated that the team had been facing these problems with Adam since he was promoted to the main roster at the beginning of 2023.

The real reasons for this decision

Meanwhile, BDS officially stated that they removed the player from the starting lineup due to “unforeseen reasons,” while Riot allowed the management to make an “emergency substitution” ahead of the upcoming weekend. However, recent events have shown that Adam may have indeed been “exiled” for more somber reasons than what was presented in the official statement.

It is reported that Adam exhibited inappropriate behavior during team practices and even left official scrims, while also insulting his teammates and coaches during his time on the roster. The situation reportedly escalated when he engaged in a heated argument with head coach Janis “Striker” Kella, which led to his removal from the crucial match.

The player himself released a public statement denying some of the journalist’s and Sheep Esports’ accusations in their article.

“I disagree with the accusations that I have displayed signs of mockery, insults, and that I have predominantly been disrespectful to my teammates,” he said on X (formerly Twitter).

Adam acknowledged that the discussion with coach Striker “prompted” BDS to remove him from the game and admitted to having issues with his emotions.

“I have problems controlling my emotions, and that’s what I needed to focus on the most this year from my side. I don’t agree with how the article turned out, inevitably portraying me as someone I am not.”

He concluded his statement with apologies to the organization, his teammates, Striker, and the fans.

“I strive to become better every day, and that’s why BDS decided to continue playing with me this year because the monster described in this article simply isn’t me.”

The team was forced to field Yanick “JNX” Bartels as their new starting top laner.

With the removal from the starting lineup, the team was forced to field Janik “JNX” Bartels as their new top laner for the starting roster, starting with the series against MDK. They put in significant effort but ultimately fell short.

It was a rather somber way to end the season, especially after finishing in second place during the regular season with seven wins to their name. It further adds to Adam’s negative reputation as a toxic teammate, particularly following his scandal with Fnatic and former teammate AD carry Upset in 2021.

In the future, the management will have to make important decisions regarding the future of their roster, especially when it comes to the top lane for the upcoming spring season of 2024. Meanwhile, LEC fans can look forward to the conclusion of the winter season, featuring the same MAD Lions KOI and G2 Esports.

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