Switching hands in CS2: is it possible to put a weapon in the left hand?

On the evening of March 22, Valve announced Counter-Strike 2. The shooter will move to Source 2 and make changes to the familiar and classic gameplay of the series. The game will be released only in the summer of 2023, but we have already prepared a guide on how, most likely, you can change hands in CS 2.

The most convenient weapon placement has always caused heated debate among CS fans. Many people change this setting for variety of tactics and better visibility between doorways.

Important: in Counter-Strike 2, hand switching binds do not work.

Is there no bind for changing hands in CS 2?

This is what data miner Maxim “GabeFollower” Poletaev suggested. He did not find the cl_righthand command, which was previously responsible for changing hands in CS:GO, in the files of the beta version of Counter-Strike 2.

Apparently, the developers of CS 2 have completely removed the ability to change the side of the hands. Perhaps this is done because now we can see our own shadows and legs.

In Counter-Strike 2, there used to be a classic command called “cl_righthand true/false” that players could use to switch their weapon hand preference. This feature allowed players to choose whether they wanted their character to hold the weapon in their right or left hand. However, during the beta version of the game, this command was temporarily disabled and eventually removed altogether. This decision by Valve has sparked discussions among players who are curious about the potential return of this feature in future updates. It remains to be seen whether Valve will reintroduce the option to switch hands in upcoming versions of Counter-Strike 2.

How to change hands in CS 2

This feature was missing in the CS 2 beta. It was also not added at release.

To change the hand that holds the weapon in Counter-Strike 2, there is a command in the game console, you need to change its value:

  • Enter the command cl_righthand true in the console to place the weapon in the right hand.
  • Enter the command cl_righthand false in the console to place the weapon in the left hand.

These commands are in the CS 2 code, but they are inactive. When you enter them in the beta version of CS 2, nothing will happen.

Why was the option to change hands removed in Counter-Strike 2?

There has been no clear answer from the developers, so we can only make assumptions. There is an opinion among gamers that the reason for the lack of the ability to change hands is the new Source 2 engine, or rather the updates that this engine allowed to be implemented.
Among other new details, the display of players’ legs and their shadows has appeared. Therefore, many esports players believe that changing hands in CS 2 is impossible for the following reasons:

  • Redesigned lighting and shadow display system. If you switch hands, it means that the shadow must show these changes, otherwise a conflict will be visible in the picture and in the dynamics of movements.
  • Display of a bullet piercing smoke. By default, it flies not in the center of the screen, but slightly to the right. Accordingly, only there the player’s hand should be located.

Is it possible that the option will be returned in the future?

Valve has been inundated with a substantial volume of discontented messages, posts, and comments from esports players worldwide. There is a strong likelihood that it may soon be feasible to switch hands.

However, it is important to grasp that even if this occurs, it will be under new circumstances. Due to the intricate visual effects, dynamics, and the rendering of light and shadows, switching sides during a match would be unachievable. The sole viable solution for enabling a left-hand weapon in CS2 would be to incorporate a hand location selection function in the pre-match menu.

Are there ways to change ownership in CS 2?

In fact, there is no direct way to place the left hand in CS 2. At least in the form it was in CS:GO. But you can try a workaround – center the weapon, that is, shift the center of the map. Especially useful for left-handed people to minimize spray problems.

You are required to call the console through Tilda and enter commands with fixed values there:

  • viewmodel_offset_z -2;
  • viewmodel_offset_y -2;
  • viewmodel_offset_x -2.

This will make it easier for you to navigate the map by moving the center of the screen. You will still have to relearn to adapt to new conditions, because you cannot use your left hand in CS 2. But it’s better than just playing with the default data.

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